Body World Exhibition – Review

Kensington Mums were invited to the amazing Body World exhibition that is now a permanent museum in Piccadilly. We heard amazing things about it, but nothing can prepare you for the journey through 7 floors of deep knowledge about the human body.

First we are handed headphones that are geo tagged and activate when you get close to the different object. It’s a really immersive experience and you can walk and look at your own pace getting completely mesmerized by what you see and hear.

Image result for body worlds londonAll the parts and bodies we see have been generously donated by people as a contribution to science. It’s very humbling to walk around and see them.

Through the 7 floors we got to explore how the wonderful human body works, from nervous system and mind to reproduction and how fetuses develop. It’s as interesting as it’s interactive, giving little breaks of hands on and fun experience.

At the end of the journey not only we have a lot more knowledge and information on how the human body works but we feel we need to be kinder to our own bodies. We pledge to cut down drinking, stress factors and get more sleep. Definitely time for a bit of relaxing ‘me time’!

For more information please check their website