Baby and Toddler yoga

Yoga is the new way of being. Parent and Baby Yoga is the way for new beings.

Adults thrive on it. Now babies can too.

This revolutionary method lays deep foundations for physical self-confidence. It also produces emotional and mental well being. The result? A secure, happy and fulfilled baby, off to the best possible start in life.

Alice Morgan, anthropologist and mother of three teaches parents and their babies in a series of specially adapted yoga classes inspired by cultures from around the world.This unique approach will teach, entertain and change lives forever. Baby Yoga will enhance your child’s mental development and physical fitness  using classical yoga postures adapted exactly to their stage of growth. The exercises increase coordination and confidence both in the parent and in the child. The classes give the children a head start physiologically and combine fun and entertainment with relaxation and tranquility.

The benefits for the child include improved sleep patterns, more efficient digestion (so can alleviate gastric cramps and colic), increased emotional and physical flexibility and enhanced a closer parent-child bond.The parent can also enjoy the above benefits, along with a greater confidence in handling their babies.

You are invited to come along to the next Baby and Toddler Yoga class which will be held on Friday October 26 from 11-11.45 am at Chelsea Theatre (just off the Kings Road, SW10 0DR).

This is a Free trial class. Suitable for 0-18 months and 18 months – 3 years old.

Please RSVP (by emailing [email protected]) to book your spot, limited places available.

Please come wearing comfortable clothing, your little one and a yoga mat if you have one.