The Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes

 This Summer, enjoy Nathan’s Samaya “The Art of the Brick: DC Superheroes” in London. The exhibition will be open until the 3rd of September so make sure you don’t miss out.
This amazing Lego Art exhibition is the World’s largest collection of Super Heroes-inspired by DC Characters which makes it truly captivating for both children and adults.
When we heard about this exhibition, my son really wanted to go. I had to follow and now, cannot thank his love for lego enough as I enjoyed it just as much as he did. From the moment I stepped into the venue, I was amazed by the art and work around me. Everything we saw was executed to perfection.

“Created by legendary LEGO® artist Nathan Sawaya, this contemporary art exhibition uses nearly 2,000,000 bricks to create large-scale sculptures of the most enduring Super Heroes and Super Villains: from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, to The Joker and Harley Quinn.

Through a series of immersive galleries, The Art of the Brick: Super Heroes showcases Sawaya’s interpretations on characters, vehicles, environments and themes found throughout the DC Super Heroes mythology including transformation and reinvention, strength and weakness, as well as good vs. evil. Get ready to inspire your inner Super Hero.

Upon arrival, children are given an activity pack to follow as they tour the exhibition to captivate their imagination; with questions to answer throughout the tour and a word search at the end, you can be sure kids will be thoroughly entertained all the way.

The exhibition is divided in different rooms and “themes”. As you start your experience, a short video  by Nathan Samaya himself is shown. In this video he expresses his love and passion for lego and art. Immediately, you can see and appreciate the amount of time, passion and effort that went into creating each Lego ‘sculptures”, each made of thousands of small lego pieces. wether you you are a lego fan or not , what you see is truly mind-blowing.

I was impressed by all the works around me but my favourite was this one (image below). Not just the looks of it but the words that Nathan used to describe it captured my thoughts deeply.
Hero Within
“I consider this sculpture the soul of the exhibition. Why? Because what you are looking at is the child that lives in all of us. Remember who you were as a kid? Remember who you wanted to be? We all have dramatic dreams for ourselves when we’re young. But, as we age, the adult responsibilities start piling up on top of us, like gatherings of stone. And we lose the dramatic dreams. We forget what they look like, what they sounded like, what they felt like.
If there’s one thing I want everyone to walk away from this exhibitions with today, it’s this: it’s a rediscovery of those original dreams.
Take a moment- yes, now- and remember those dreams. Remember what you wanted in the earliest days of your life. Remember how those original dreams made you feel. Feel the painful longing you felt. 
Then spend the rest of the hours in the day feeling those feelings again.
No matter what you’ve become, no matter what you do with your days or who you are, hang on those original dreams. Don’t let them go. Because the purist essence of who you are, of who you were meant to be, is there.
The truest  you is there.
Work hard to remember that every day. Never lose sight of it again.”
Words by Nathan Sawaya.
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The exhibition is suitable for all ages with easy access for buggy users. It is located just behind London South Bank Centre (Corner of Upper Ground and Cornwall Rd London SE1 9PP) .
When you visit, make sure you have a look around the Toy shop before the exit. After visiting this exhibition, you cannot leave without Lego for you and the children to go home and start creating your own Lego Super Hero.

Check out the website for more information, ticket prices and opening hours.

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