Afternoon Tea Week at the Baglioni Hotel

Afternoon tea with an Italian twist at the Baglioni Hotel . Isn’t London just one of the most wonderful places in the world for Afternoon Tea? We love it and, since this week we celebrate the Great British institution of Aternoon Tea (14th – 18th August 2017) we take you back to our wonderful time at the Baglioni hotel, Kensington.

As you may have seen from previous reviews and events, we are big fans of the Baglioni Hotel. Thanks to the beautiful decor, atmosphere and impeccable service, we just can’t stay away for too long. Read our weekend staycation review here.


When we heard that the hotel had gone through refurbishment in their restaurant area and invited us to their new “Afternoon tea with an Italian Twist” we couldn’t resist. And given that we have a “made in italy” Kensington Mum in the team, who better could have appreciated a taste of home in the heart of Kensington?

The tea was served at the Brunello bar Restaurant. “Facing Kensington Gardens, Brunello Bar and Restaurant and its charming terrace, perfectly blends contemporary décor and Italian tradition. Inspired by the Milanese trattorias of the 1950s, the restaurant offers a beautiful setting with intricate tiles, striking lighting and warm furnishings”.

As we arrived, we were taken to a lovely and spacious round table close to the windows where we could see the beautiful park. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. As always, we travel with phones, chargers and make sure to be connected so our followers don’t miss out on our recommendations. She immediately made sure we were able to charge our phones and gave us access to wifi passwords too ( the life of working mums!).

Once we were all set, the waitress  took our order with a glass of delicious bubbly champagne.

For the food and tea, Dina ordered the classic with Earl Grey tea whilst Nathalie opted for the gluten free option and green tea.

With more and more people with Gluten free intolerance these days (her husband included) it is very important for us to let our readers know where to go to still be able to enjoy and traditional &  classic experience without putting their health at risk.

About Afternoon tea with an Italian Twist

“Bringing the heritage of the Baglioni brand to the capital, Baglioni Hotel London has incorporated culinary traditions and flavours from Italy in the quintessentially British tea menu. Guests can enjoy a selection of sandwiches. For those with a sweet tooth, the tea features many Italian treats including Sicilian cannoli filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate chips, tarte with lemon cream, blackberry and raspberry and Baci di Dama. Not to mention, of course, the Classic Tiramisu. But afternoon tea wouldn’t be the same without scones, and there are both plain and raisin varieties available, complemented by raspberry jam, clotted cream and Italian favourite, Nutella. All of this is rounded off nicely with a glass of Ferrari Sparkling Wine”.

The food, both sweet and savoury looked amazing. We didn’t want to ruin the beauty but then again, the smell that came from each of the small bites was too good to resist.

The bread on all the sandwiches was fresh and very soft and the filling just right. We had a selection of ‘Chicken and mayo’, ‘Egg, rocket and mayo’, ‘Smoked Salmon, fresh cream and chives’ and Dina’s favourite ‘Focaccia bread with bresaola meat, mozzarella cheese and pesto’, what a delight. The focaccia was perfectly made with a hint of olive oil that married perfectly with the filling. The fillings in the gluten free menu option were the same, just the bread was different.

The Scones were also fresh which always makes a difference. They arrived slightly warm which made any topping slightly melt over them. Even the gluten free scones were absolutely delicious and with Nutella, you just can’t go wrong.

Nathalie’s all time favourite dessert is Tiramisu, when she saw it on the menu, she couldn’t wait to dig in. The gluten free option was an adaptation of Tiramisu, the mascarpone cream was there but served over strawberries instead of the ‘Savoiardi’ biscuits. It was delicious and if that wasn’t enough, she helped herself to Dina’s classic tiramisu as well.

As we were enjoying our afternoon, we had the pleasure to meet the restaurant’s manager who very kindly made time to come introduce himself and give us a little more information about the refurbishment of the restaurant, tell us more about the new chef in the kitchen, Alberto Rossetti and the Baglioni Hotel’s latest news.

We quote the chef Alberto who said ““I love healthy food and I try to prepare dishes using ingredients that are rich in vitamins avoiding the use of fat.”

Even though there was a lot of sweetness in our afternoon tea, we do think that everything was balanced well. Even after eating most of what we had been served, we felt good, satisfied and happy. Everything on the menu had been executed to the high standards we were  expecting from the Baglioni Hotel.

We would highly recommend a visit at the Baglioni Brunello Bar Restaurant  for a special occasion treat, weather its afternoon tea, lunch, dinner or their Italian aperitivo. Don’t miss out.

More information and prices for the Italian Afternoon Tea at the Baglioni Hotel, can be found here.

Thanks for having us!