Afternoon Tea at Biscuiteers

On a rainy afternoon, right in the heart of Notting Hill, we enjoyed a very sweet Christmas afternoon tea! This is not the typical English afternoon tea as they only offer sweet and not savoury options. 

We were greeted by the lovely Suzanna, Kitty and Lena welcoming us to the best table in the house.

We then chose from a menu the type of tea we wanted to enjoy – from their nice variety we selected Peppermint and Lemon and Ginger teas. 

Lena informed us that the scones where still in the oven, thinking about these warm scones which would be served with clotted cream and mulled winter berry jam was already mouth-watering. The fragrant teas arrived in cute striped red and white teapots, and then the two tiered tray came carrying their Christmas Afternoon Tea selection.

The menu includes delicious items such as:

A selection of their beautiful London iconic biscuits, freshly baked served warm figgy scones with mulled winter jam and clotted cream, hand piped Christmas pudding macaron,  an extremely rich salted caramel brownie with festive Christmassy decorative icing, a mini frangipani mince pie, not our favourite, a violet and blackcurrant entrement – very subtle in taste, a coconut snow spongy cake,  a passionfruit and white chocolate layered tea cake.

Our favourite ones were the scones, second best was the super rich salted caramel brownie  and third was the passionfruit and white chocolate layer tea cake that was topped with a meringue. 

We can tell you that after this “ ultra sweet” experience you are sure to have a sugar rush and can be ready to run the London Marathon, we instead ran back home to have a savoury bite. 

Hurry if you fancy their Christmas Afternoon Tea as there will be only available in both of their Icing Cafes between Monday 12th November and Monday 31st December.

Biscuiteers DIY icing café

A must do for a fun get together with friends or for a birthday party celebration for children and adults.

The lovely staff comes with a stackable tray of already made biscuits from which you can select different shapes. During this festive time of the year they have a choice of vanilla, chocolate and spiced flavoured biscuits in a shape of a snowman, gingerbread man, snowflake, Christmas tree, reindeer, a circle, and a star.

They explain and demonstrate how to use the piping icing which comes in different colours. They also provide you with decorating sprinkles in different shapes which you can add to your creation and give your biscuit an additional festive touch. You are offered a beverage of your choice to be sipped while creating your masterpiece biscuit. We ordered a Latte and a Cappuccino lovely served in their beautiful white and red coloured china.

I must say that we thought it was as easy as a walk through the park as Lena demonstrated how to use the pipping bag filled with icing.

Then it was our turn to start the DIY icing of the biscuits and that was when we were like “how was she able to do it so beautifully and nice?”.

By the third biscuit you become a little more agile using the pipping bag and realise that that was your last biscuit to decorate and so you must come back to be able to use their service to post your creations to your loved ones as the ones you made are not good enough to send to anyone but eat them yourself .

Biscuiteers DIY icing café is £15 for three biscuits and includes all your icing materials plus one decorative box for your finished design. There is an additional charge of £3.50 if you’d like them  to post your hand-iced biscuit.

DIY icing takes place 7 days a week, 10.00am to 17:00pm.

The afternoon tea and DIY icing is available at both Biscuiteers Icing Cafes in Notting Hill and on the Northcote Road, famous for their beautiful hand-painted façades, icing workshops and selection of beautiful hand-iced presents.