10+ Magical Christmas Crafts For Kids

Christmas is easily the most wonderful time of the year. It might be freezing cold outside but for some reason we all feel so warm and fuzzy. The twinkling lights, the delicious treats, and the wonderful scents. The magic comes from spending quality time with the ones you love and at our house we like doing that through crafting. Over the years we have spent many hours together crafting, like these Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids. Spending this quality time together, adding to the magic of the season is one of my favorite things. We have also spent so much fun time creating Christmas Paper Crafts, which are always a win and make fabulous gifts!   This year we are trying to keep it simple yet really fun with these 10 Magical Christmas Crafts For Kids.


  1. How stinkin’ cute are these reindeer corner bookmarks? Not only would these make adorable gifts from kids but kids can have a fun afternoon of personalizing reindeer bookmarks. It’s a really craft, just paper and a few simple craft supplies, but they are just so darn cute. And Corner Bookmarks are all the rage right now, don’t you know!
  2. Who doesn’t love a puppet show? The whole experience is one to remember. Making the puppets is obviously fun, creating the show with the puppets or watching the puppet show. It’s all a fun time and with these diverse Santa Puppets there is no doubt going to be a good show. The best part is these puppets are created from free printables. SUPER EASY!
  3. Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. It makes our home so full of magic, a truly irreplaceable feeling. I like to fill my home with decorations that we have made together or that my kids have made. One perfect decoration is the Paper Plate Christmas Tree. It is a super, super easy craft to make but can also be personalized by whoever is creating it.
  4. If you haven’t made paper snowflakes, you’re missing out! I remember making paper snowflakes back when I barely knew how to hold scissors. Since then I have tried to create even more beautiful ones and these 6 pointed paper snowflakes are where it’s at. They are so delicate and pretty, yet individual. Just like real snowflakes.
  5. Decorating the Christmas tree is fun because it is different every year. Each year we make new ornaments to add and of course cover the tree in ones we have made in pervious years. The Paper Rudolph Ornaments are our newest addition and I just love them. They made decorating the Christmas tree even more beautiful.
  6. Another part of Christmas that I just love is sending and receiving Christmas cards. Yes, it is an old tradition and we barely use snail mail the rest of the year, but Christmas cards are a must. These Quilled Christmas Tree Cards are so special. They will brighten any recipient’s day and whole Christmas season. Plus they basically double as a Christmas decoration!
  7. Christmas paper crafts wouldn’t be complete without at least one toilet paper roll craft, right? This time it is a fabulous toilet roll angel! How sweet is she? This is fun to put on the tree or to set out on a bookshelf. It would also make a super cute addition to a teacher gift.
  8. We saw the adorable paper snowflakes but check out these delightful Paper Christmas Trees (comes with printable). This takes paper crafting to a whole new level and I love how they are set out in a Christmas forest theme. So special.
  9. This is one of the cutest repurposed Christmas crafts I have seen in a long time. I love how inventive it is yet so incredibly simple. I know quite a few kids who would love making this sweet Tin Can Christmas Tree.
  10. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sugar cookies, right? We’ve spent hours over the years decorating different Christmas themed cookies but these take the cake (or the cookie). These sugar cookies are Star Santa Cookies. Star cookies turned into Santa with just a little extra frosting. How sweet are they?

Anyway, I hope you have enough ideas to really get Christmas Crafting with the kids!! We love ALL Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids – do share your creations with us!