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OVO bugs for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, Cirque du Soleil’s OVO is getting in the spooky spirit with Halloween face painting tutorials for little ones.

Inspired by OVO’s colourful insects and creepy crawlies, these face paint creations truly brings out the colourful ecosystem teeming with life and sheer vibrancy of the production. The show is a celebration of co-existence and nature, featuring dazzling stunts and jaw-dropping physical feats, and little ones can feel part of their world by turning themselves into OVO bugs for Halloween!


Enjoy watching the video and why not try it with your little ones this Halloween for some spooktacular trick and treating around London town!

Sticking it to period shame on International day of the girl

Today, 11th of October represents a day for International Day of the Girl. As mothers, we all went through the experience of having our periods. Recent survey shows that 48% of girls in the U.K. are growing up feeling ashamed of their periods – and missing out on school or activities as a result. In other countries the numbers are worse.

Almost half of girls aged 14-21 are embarrassed by their periods

The findings, based on a survey commissioned by girls’ rights charity Plan International UK, expose the impact stigmas, shame and silence around periods is having on the lives of teenage girls in the UK.

The survey, in which 1000 girls aged 14-21 were asked about their experiences of menstruation, finds that the taboos around periods can, and do, have serious consequences, with one in seven (14 per cent) girls admitting that they did not know what was happening when they started their period and more than a quarter (26 per cent) reporting that they did not know what to do when they started their period.

Of those surveyed:

·      Only one in five (22%) girls feel comfortable discussing their period with their teacher

·      Less than a quarter (24%) of girls feel comfortable discussing their period with their male friends

·      Under a third (29%) of girls feel comfortable discussing their period with their fathers

·      Four fifths (82 per cent) of girls admitted they have hidden or concealed their sanitary products

·      Almost three quarters (71%) of girls admitted that they have felt embarrassed buying sanitary products

More than half (59 per cent) of girls revealed that they had received negative remarks about their perceived behaviour and mood whilst on their period and one in ten had been asked not to talk about their periods front of their mother (12 per cent) or father (11 per cent).

Larissa is 19 and is at university in Coventry, she said: “There’s a huge societal taboo around talking about periods and a lot of girls – myself included – internalise the message that periods are gross and shouldn’t be talked about even when we know it’s an entirely natural thing.

“I used to always make up excuses to avoid telling people I was on my period. I’d make up this intricate story about having a weak bladder to explain why I was going to the toilet frequently. I knew it was ridiculous but I just found it so awkward to say the words “I’m on my period”.

Tanya Barron, Plan International’s Chief Executive said “Girls like Larissa are telling us that they are embarrassed, confused and ashamed about periods, a completely natural biological process which happens to half the global population.”

“As a society we obsessively euphemise, belittle and silence menstruation; we need to address the impact this is having on girls. 

“As a global girls’ rights charity we know that pervading cultural taboos and lack of education around periods can have a damaging impact on the lives of girls both here in the UK and across the world, exposing them to discrimination and preventing them from fulfilling their potential.”

The research also finds that girls are feeling the need to make up excuses for when their period has an impact on their day-to-day life, with the charity concerned that entrenched stigmas, including in schools, are behind this.

·      49 per cent of girls have missed an entire day of school because of their period, of which 59 per cent have made up a lie or an alternate excuse

·      64 per cent of girls have missed a PE or sport because of their period, of which 52 per cent of girls have made up a lie or excuse

·      68 per cent of girls admits they feel less able to pay attention at school/college and work and more than half (52 per cent) have made up a lie or excuse

Ms Barron added “For many women and girls in the UK, these statistics will not shock or surprise, and that in itself is concerning.

“Our research suggests that in schools in particular, the institutional support is not there. There’s a lack of open discussion and a problem with access to toilet facilities, which forces girls to withdraw from certain activities and feel compelled to lie about why.

“Girls are not only dealing with the pain and discomfort that comes with periods, but the institutionalised stigma too; a girl might miss school because she’s worried that if her period comes, she won’t be allowed access to the toilet.

Plan International UK is calling for the new Relationships and Sex Education  curriculum – currently under consultation and due to be rolled out in September 2019- to incorporate lessons which teach girls and boys, together, about the physical, personal and social aspects of menstruation.

“When girls are too embarrassed to ask to go to the toilet during a lesson because of their period, we have a problem that needs to be seen as structural, not individual,” added Ms Barron. “The new curriculum presents an opportunity, both through classes and in the wider school environment, to bust the taboos that are holding girls back.

“We need to encourage open discussion and better equip girls with tools and information to manage their periods effectively, without shame or embarrassment.”

This week, to mark International Day of the Girl, Plan International UK will launch the #weallbleed campaign to remind the nation that periods and menstruation are a normal part of everyday life.

For the campaign, the charity has created special ‘Plaster Pads’ – miniature sanitary pads that are worn like plasters for all the world to see – as a thought-provoking prompt to make people consider why there’s no shame in bleeding.

Plan International UK will be distributing boxes of Plaster Pads to celebrities and influencers, encouraging them to puts pads where plasters go and share on social media. The Plaster Pads will be printed with slogans that highlight the need to remove the stigma around blood; after all, blood is blood.

Every element of the campaign will be supported with the #weallbleed hashtag, designed to highlight this simple fact and to show that periods are nothing to be ashamed of. 

To find out more about Plan International UK’s #weallbleed campaign, visit www.plan-uk.org/periods 


National Egg Week

With National Egg Week starting this week 9th-15th October and with World Egg Day falling on the 14th, we have rounded-up the ooziest #YolkPorn offerings in and around London.


Lobster Benedict at Thomas’s Café at Burberry

Indulge in a breakfast fit for a fashionista at Thomas Café at Burberry. Priced at £28, the Thomas’s Café at Burberry Lobster Benedict is made using knuckles and claws from Bembridge lobsters. Fished off the Bembridge shelf (just off the Isle of Wight), the lobster meat is grilled in the Bertha. The knuckles are placed on a bed of sautéed spinach along with two poached Barradale eggs. The eggs are topped with hollandaise sauce and a grilled lobster claw is placed on the side. Sat atop an English muffin, it’s a dish worth indulging in.


Dirty Bones’ Ultimate Hangover Brunch

Offering a different take on your yolk porn classics, Dirty Bones’ serve up their Short Rib Hash. The dish includes 14-hour slow cooked short rib finished with caramelised shallots and mustard seeds, served with potatoes and two oozing sunny side-up eggs. What better way to enjoy the weekend than with some NYC-inspired yolk porn, a couple of cocktails and a side of old school hip-hop, funk and soul music?



Sunny side-up – Rosti Greek style at Meraki

New Fitzrovia Greek restaurant, Meraki, offers a Mediterranean take on the ultimate indulgent trio of butter, potato and egg with their Rosti Greek style. A bed of Crunchy potatoes, truffle & Cretan butterlies ready to soak up the oozing yolks of the two sunny side-up eggs resting atop. Yolk-porn doesn’t get much better than this.


Brunch by Theo Randall at the Intercontinental 

Theo Randall at the InterContinental has recently launched a four-course ‘La Dolce Vita’ weekend brunch with new vegan options for £57. Featuring a selection of brunch classics with an authentic Italian twist, such as Frittata with organic eggs, girolle mushrooms caprine fresco, marjoram and mixed Italian leaves, the menus celebrates Theo’s signature favourites. Guests will enjoy Prosecco and Bellinis all the way through, and end the leisurely brunch with a selection of desserts, served to share.


Tom’s Kitchen serves the Ultimate Truffled Eggs Benedict


Tom’s Kitchen serves the ‘Ultimate Truffled Eggs Benedict’ during breakfast and brunch. Priced at £19, the dish has a muffin topped with a poached egg, prosciutto and hollandaise with gratings of truffle for a truly decadent start to the weekend.  Founded by Tom Aikens, Tom’s Kitchen has five sites across London, with locations including Chelsea, Canary Wharf, St Katharine Dock and Somerset House, serving British comfort food classics with an emphasis on the very best seasonal ingredients.



Kensington Mums supporting chelsea children’s hospital charity

Kensington Mums was delighted to attend special brunch for Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity, for a presentation by the charity together with Merci Maman jewellers who we had speaking at our past Mother’s day event.  It was a great event to help raise awareness of the charity. Pastries, fruit and coffee were followed by a presentation by charity manager Rebecca McLoughlin, who showed a short film about the charity. Then Charity Ambassador Harriet Kempton, mum of six-year old Alfie who was treated at the hospital for leukaemia, spoke movingly about her experiences. The event culminated in a tour of the children’s wards. Every goody bag included a teddy bear and a beautiful, hand-engraved necklace provided by our charity partner Merci Maman.

Today we would like to share with you how you can be involved and help support Chelsea Children’s Hospital charity.

About Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity

We are Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity and we support children and their families at Chelsea Children’s Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital, which are part of the same NHS trust. Together, the two hospitals care for 160,000 children every year, making it one of the biggest and most specialised centres for children’s medicine in London.

The charity has been operating since 1981 and it is currently chaired by one of the top paediatric surgeons in the UK, Munther Haddad. The board is staffed by medical experts and the charity managed by Rebecca McLoughlin, supported by Becky Hersey, who are both parents of past patients.

What they do

We fund urgently needed surgical and medical equipment and provide services which wouldn’t otherwise be available, from infrared ‘vein finders’ which make blood tests less painful, to a million-pound surgical robot named Pluto, the first children’s surgical robot in the UK.

At the cutting edge of technology, Pluto enables surgeons to operate on babies and children with more precision, leading to less scarring and quicker recovery. We are still raising money for Pluto’s instruments, which have to be replaced every 20 uses at a cost of £12,000 each time.

We also organise the children’s Christmas party at Chelsea and Westminster. Previous guests include pop band Union J and Olympic athletes.


Charity Partners

Thanks to our generous charity partners, we can help even more families. Our current partners are Merci Maman Gifts, Fulham Cricket Club and Thomas’s School in Fulham.


Local support

We are always keen to work with the local community especially as this is the local hospital for so many families, whether it’s via A&E, maternity, the neonatal unit or the children’s wards. We’re very grateful to the local shops, cafes, businesses, schools and nurseries which help us to raise money.

Ways to fundraise

  • Overnight beds for parents Space on the children’s wards is very cramped which makes it difficult for parents to sleep next to their child overnight. We would like to purchase 8 fold-down overnight beds.
  • Toiletry packs for parents When children are admitted to hospital in an emergency, a parent will often arrive with nothing to equip them for an overnight stay. These toiletry packs provide parents with basics like shampoo, deodorant and toothbrushes to get them through the first night.
  • Specialist machine to help in the diagnosis of epilepsy in children The ‘Video Ambulatory EEG System’ provides quicker and more accurate diagnosis. It is discreet and can monitor the child while at home and during normal activities.
  • Equipment to provide enhanced monitoring of diabetes in children ‘Diasend’ is a device that is able to download data from any glucose meter or insulin pump device and then analyse it in a very useful and intuitive way for clinicians and parents alike.


Current fundraisers

Our brilliant fundraisers include hospital staff, families of children who have been treated here, and even our young patients themselves.

  • Consultant Paediatric Surgeon Will Sherwood ran the London Marathon, raising more than £1,000 for every mile. His fundraising was given a boost by Guardian columnist Marina Hyde, who wrote before the race about how Mr Sherwood saved her newborn son. “Will was the first person to say no, he wasn’t going to die, because he was going to operate on him later that day.”
  • Sonali and Harry Boyle tragically lost their premature baby at 12 days old. In honour of baby Rahul, Sonali, Harry and their friends and family undertook an incredible series of challenges, from marathon running to mountain climbing. They raised the astounding sum of £100,000, with £50,000 going to our NICU, and £50,000 to a NICU in India.
  • Our youngest-ever fundraiser, 3 year-old patient Mason Hicks, swam widths of his local pool aided by his trusty armbands. “We are so grateful for the support we have received at Chelsea. From the cardio ward to the children’s wards, to the Neonatal Unit, Intensive Care Unit and the surgical team, we can’t thank them enough for all they have done,” says mum Megan. “Mason did his challenge in a 25 metre pool and managed an outstanding total of 14 widths! To say I am proud is an understatement.”



To find out more

Visit our website www.chelchilcharity.org

Email us becky.hersey@chelchilcharity.org

Phone us 020 3315 8956

Follow us on Twitter @chelchilcharity

Follow us on Facebook /chelchilcharity



October Half Term & Halloween Scoop 2017

 Code TodayHave your children moved on to coding using Python? At CodeToday we specialise in teaching programming using the text-based language Python, the next stage following children-specific software used in schools. Our courses focus on guiding children to think in the logical and systematic way required for coding and treating it as a problem-solving exercise. In addition to our scheduled courses during holidays, half-term and during term time, we also run bespoke courses for groups of friends/classmates, usually held in one of the participants’ own homes. Contact us on info@codetoday.co.uk for more information.



Calling all mummies and daddies! Treat your lovely family to a photography session this half term with Diana Pavlova Photography! If you are always behind the camera, and never in front of it, then this scoop is for you. Let’s create the gorgeous family pictures you always promise yourself you will get. If you quote the code KM-Halfterm you will receive £30 off  your first booking with me when you email diana@dianapavlovaphotography.com or visit dianapavlovaphotography.com. These beautiful portraits make for fantastic Christmas gifts for grandma and grandpa, too!




Taekwondo fitness fun. Bring your kids along to our fun and exciting Taekwondo classes. A specially designed new fitness class for children packed with a punch. Your children will get fit and disciplined for their future. Under the instruction of international 6th dan black belt Master Faryad Goudarzi & a qualified personal trainer, they will learn self defence, built up their confidence, concentration, fitness and learn respect. All the skills they need under one sport. Adults are also welcome. One to one Taekwondo and personal training sessions for both adults and children available on request. Please call or email us to find out more. 07503021919 Faryad1@yahoo.com


Halloween is a fantastic time to learn about Chemistry, Physics and Biology and excite children about science! -Spooky, sucking  black holes and ‘spaghettification’ -Slimy polymer monsters, glowing ghosts and bioluminescent creatures -Invisible ink & mysterious transformations of liquids -Spookiest science experiments in history and the genius scientists behind them Science Isn’t Scary, it is FUN!  BOOOOO! To register for the half-term camp 24-26 October 2017 from 10.00-3.00 (4-11 years and drop-off). You can book online here or call us on 0800 092 1062.


My Great Orchestral Adventure: the interactive headline show of a jam-packed October Half Term at the Royal Albert Hall. Your little ones are invited to sail away with a full symphony orchestra, getting to sing, dance and join in as they help the conductor to navigate the stormy seas and survive a shipwreck. They’ll journey to a mysterious island, build shelters, ‘swim in the sea’ and meet amazing characters along the way, all without leaving the Royal Albert Hall’s legendary auditorium. A perfect way to introduce children to the wonderful world of classical music!




Learn to Swim with a 5 Day Crash Course this Half Term. Swimming Rocks are a well-respected swimming tuition provider offering a fantastic learn to swim programme to babies, children and adults. This October Half Term, they will be operating their super popular 5 day intensive crash courses for children at all their 7 venues including local including Chelsea (Blue Harbour Spa),  Knightsbridge (Aquilla Health Club) and Chelsea (Purple Dragon) locally. Recognised locally as the leading swimming tuition company delivering progressive lessons with a strong reputation based on effortless service, Swimming Rocks continues to be the go-to provider for many London families. Term Time lessons also available . More information or to book a crash course contact directly on:07557 051 904 / info@swimmngrocks.co.uk


 Natalie Kremen Ballet School offers exceptional ballet training based on Russian Vaganova Method with  highly qualified ballet teachers with international performing experience. For students aged 3-16. Group and Private tuition – Vocational Training –  Examinations ( ARBTA, RAD ) – Scholarships and Bursaries Programmes – Help with Auditions Ballet – Contemporary – Professional Performances – International Competitions – Workshops and Master Classes. For More information & enrolment please contact us on :02079931102 / info@nkballetschool.com

 Sparks are running a fun “Day of the Dead” Halloween Workshop, where young movie makers aged 7-11 and 11-14 make their own movie production inspired by new film Coco and the Day of the Dead festival.
Based at St James Junior School, the young movie makers take on every aspect of making the movie, from the directing to the camera operation to the crew roles around the film set. Along with movie making, there is also lots of production design to get stuck into, including lots of special effects. To find out more details and to register, visit .

Need some exciting outdoor activities for your little ones this autumn? Join The Royal Parks at The Look Out in the heart of Hyde Park, for a day of adventures and hair-raising Halloween fun! Leave your young explorer to enjoy a fun-filled day learning to be an outdoor photographer during our Nature Explorers Club. They will discover the magic of nature in our private wildlife garden and beautiful park.Or, why not dress up as a ghoulish ghost or wicked witch? Come and take part in our free and thrilling family Halloween themed Discovery Days!




Half term is around the corner and it is time to keep busy your children during this special time of the year. Kids en cuisine offers Halloween cooking parties at your place, for children from 3 years old. Balloons, Halloween decorations, healthy spooky monsters with fruits and vegetables will be us. £25/Child for a minimum of 4 children. info@kidsencuisine.com 02030152966

Join us for the best Halloween Parties in town at Gambado. Book now for spooktacular fun!
Enjoy our Halloween fun and games with music, unlimited play in our enormous play frame, rides on our dodgems and of course our carousel. Each child will get a chance to win great prizes, including a Gambado Annual Pass for the best outfit. Children will also enjoy a a kids meal – hot dog & chips or veggie nuggets & chips. The party doesn’t end at Gambado – each child will leave with a fantastic Party Bag to enjoy at home ! Early bird tickets available. 

Cupcake annual Halloween event will take place Friday 27th October from 3pm to 5pm at Cupcake Family Club. This Cupcake’s biggest and spookiest event of the year and this year it’s “The Return to Wonderland”. Cupcake Lounge will be transformed into a childhood dreamland where it’s always time for tea. Tickets will be available online in the second week of October. Exclusive rates and priority bookings with Cupcake Membership card. Visit What’s On page on our website to find a magical variety of events, classes and workshops for all families with children 0-7 yrs. Call 020 7186 6000 to speak to the team or to book a tour of the club.

The Kensington Ballet school caters for children aged 15 months to 8 years in a fun but structured environment at venues in Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Fulham, Notting Hill, Holland Park and West Hampstead. Parents are encouraged to participate and join in the toddler groups. There is a strong emphasis on theatrical performance from Karen’s team of classically trained ballerinas who actively perform and demonstrate with the children. The classes are conducted to a mixture of classical and children’s music to help stimulate imagination, rhythm and musicality. Exercises and storytelling help the pupils to learn the appropriate steps for their ages in an organised, creative atmosphere whilst building self-confidence.


Join Sharky & George for another awesome Adventure Club this half-term from 23rd-27th October at Hyde Park. It’s going to be a seasonal special in the lead up to Halloween. The children will get the chance to dress up as mummies, go on skeleton scavenger hunts and play Dracula’s Footsteps. They will also make green slime with a mad scientist and get stuck into the traditional games as well such as tug of war, mini Olympics and rocket launching. Prices: £373.50 per child, for the week (Mon-Fri – 10% off a week ticket) or £83.00 per child, per day. The club is suitable for children aged between 5-10 years old. Click here to book now!



Garden of Beauty at 34 Mayfair with Liberty London.To get you going during Half term, enjoy some me time at The 34 Mayfair x Liberty London collaboration. Indulge in dessert and cocktail, created by their expert pastry chefs inspired by by mid 1960’s oriental flowering trail designs.






London’s Little Thinkers is an online resource which promotes an educational and engaging life for Little Thinkers at home and beyond. Are you in London with your Little Thinker this half term? Wondering what to do? Check out the latest LLT newsletter of what #LLTrecommends this October Half Term; a go to guide of what to do with your inquisitive Little Thinkers. 







Apple Day Celebration at Fulham Palace. This annual festival (Sunday 8th October) celebrates the apple orchard in the walled garden, with  live music, bee keeping and wood turning demonstrations, a hotly anticipated baking competition, children’s activities, storytelling, refreshments and more! FREE, no booking necessary.






The Big Draw Festival (1-31 October 2017)– the world’s biggest celebration of drawing is coming for a month-long celebration of arty activities taking place all over London

What Goes Around Comes Around…

We are proud to be supporting Recycle Week in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea to keep our streets clean for our friends, family and neighbours. Now in its 14th year Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling. This year’s Recycle Week theme is ‘Recycling – It’s Worth It’.

Recycle Week is organised by WRAP under the Recycle Now brand. The aim of the week is to encourage the public to recycle more, by demonstrating the benefits of recycling items from all around the home.

Ever wondered what happens to your recycling? Well, over 80% of you in the UK do believe recycling does make a difference, but a quarter of you don’t see the direct benefit of recycling.

Watch the videos below to see how recycling common household items can have a big impact.


Together we can make this year’s Recycle Week a huge success by helping us to spread the word.

Birthday Party Scoop 2017

My Kid Atelier is a unique, bespoke children’s party planning company in Central London. We specialise in inclusive, tailor-made events for children aged 0 to 8 years, and we have everything required to create the most memorable parties and special events. From parties in our Fulham & Notting Hill venues, to events in Hotels, Halls, Private residences and Gardens, across London, we have a package to suit every need. With more than forty themes, tons of props, age appropriate toys & activities, bespoke decorations and experienced party leaders, we can make your child’s dream party a reality!


Monannie Cakes and Confectionery is a luxury dessert brand, and the brainchild of Dr Fen Bolodeoku. Following a career break from Paediatrics, the company was formed in 2015. Working with her husband Segun, they provide a bespoke service creating unique desserts to accompany any special occasion. They start by gathering client’s ideas, putting together a sketch of the design, and working all the way to delivery and set up. They are lucky enough to be preferred suppliers to the Berkeley Hotel, Danesfield House, and Grovefield House. They are honoured to share their sweet treats with Kensington’s finest.


Amazing birthday parties they’ll never forget. Gambado is the UK’s best and most exciting indoor play provider. Through our expertise, we offer children the opportunity to play, run free and explore in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. We offer a wide range of children parties – there’s something for everyone including LASER TAG – MAKE A BEAR – FOAM DART / NERF – TIGER PARTIES –  SUPER SAVER PARTIES. Every party theme includes unlimited access to our dodgems, giant play frame & soft play as well as our wonderful carousel! For a limited time, we are offering a FREE MONTH OF PLAY for the birthday child and one adult with every party booked. Call party bookings on 0330 555 1415 or book online at Gambado.com


Host your Portrait Party this September with Diana Pavlova Photography! Invite up to eight of your girlfriends and their little ones (babies 3m+ to toddlers of 3 years) for a catch-up with a twist! The Portrait Party takes place in the comfort of your home and whilst you and your friends enjoy scrumptious flapjacks, I will create stunning photographs of your little ones. I adopt a fun and loving approach to baby and family photography, delivering gorgeous portraits that you and your family will treasure for life! For more information visit or email diana@dianapavlovaphotography.com

Grant your children’s party wishes with our fully flexible space. Whether it’s a banquette table for the all-important musical chairs, or space for a top-rate performance from their favourite super hero, princess or magician, Alexandrie can cater for all. The kitchen team have created a special children’s menu offering much-loved treats including pasta, chicken nuggets, pizza and chips; while the adults can indulge in everything from brunch to canapés to afternoon tea. Quoting: “Kensington Mums Offer” you will get a special discount for early afternoon parties (offer valid until the end of November

Do you think about something new for a birthday party? Kids en cuisine is here to offer the perfect cooking birthday party to your children. Healthy baking and cooking with various themes. You choose between a sushi party, an afternoon tea party, a pizza party, a biscuit party, a smoothie party, a pasta party or bespoke parties. We come at your place with everything that we need for cooking and we leave the place spotless. We deliver lunch boxes, cheese, fruits/vegetables platters everywhere in London.  info@kidsencuisine.com 02030152966

At Cupcake Family Club in Parsons Green we are birthday party experts for babies and toddlers up to the age of 7 years old. Whether you’re simply looking for a friendly open environment to let children play freely or want a fully catered event, we have a package that is just right for you! Our gorgeous party rooms are available for hire to both members and non-members. Contact us today to discuss your next celebration!




Looking for the perfect party gifts for guests or child’s birthday party? Jojo and Bear Children’s Gift Boutique specialises in quality, fun and educative gifts. We are passionate about children’s gifts so we ensure our gifts are age and gender specific filled with a few treats as well as educational, fun items that your guests will love. Prices start from as little as £5 and are beautifully presented. The options are endless from cellophane wraps with colourful curling ribbons to gift boxes with satin bows. We offer a complimentary bespoke service to ensure your gifts match your party theme and colours.

Sparks Movie Making Parties are unforgettable celebrations for children aged 4-13. In a fun 2 or 3 hour party, the birthday child and their friends make their own unique movie production inspired by their imaginations and ideas. After making their movie, there is a fun red carpet cinema-style premiere for everyone to enjoy. You can choose any theme and the Sparks team will make it personal to your son or daughter. They also edit the film into a finished movie souvenir for everyone taking part. Find out more via our website & book your event with us.



Bedazzled plans and creates bespoke children’s parties and events, delivering unforgettable experiences to make every occasion one to remember. Whether you’re looking for just an entertainer or help from start to finish, our dedicated team of event managers and designers work to your chosen budget offering outstanding entertainment and transforming any space into a perfect party venue. Whether it’s swashbuckling with pirates, learning to be a magician, being a princess for the afternoon or going on a jungle adventure, anything is possible with enough imagination and we are here to make your child’s dream celebration a reality!



Gymboree Play & Music Kensington & Chelsea is offering On the Go Parties, with a fully trained Gymboree Play & Music instructor who will come to your house or hired venue and provide 40 minutes of exciting party content. Tailored around your chosen theme, including music, games, toys, parachute time, Gymbo and of course our award winning bubbles! Watch your home or venue transform into a castle, coral reef, jungle or farm! You find the venue and we will do the rest! Parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays. contact details:  kensingotnandchelsea@gymboree-uk.com / 07943024908 /


Bounced on the castle? Done clowns? Need a great kids party? Then book with a tailor-made party for football mad youngsters with sport billy’s that packs in the fun. We come to your venue too! Score a great happy birthday with your kids, just like these. We have a variety of sporty themes to choose from, you can also pick from a variety of durations and mix and match themes, just remember to reserve your spot well in advance. What are you waiting for? Contact 020 7937 7965; birthdays@kiddikicks.co.uk; www.kiddikicks.co.uk


Let’s talk about this.

PANDAS, Pre-natal mental health awareness #PNDAW17 week kicks off today  (4th-10th September 2017). Their aim is ‘To be the UK’s most recognised and trusted support service for families suffering prenatal/antenatal and postnatal illnesses.” This is something we fully support  and want to keep raising awareness for. We love their hashtag #itsoknottobeok 


PANDAS Foundation(Pre and Postnatal depression advice and support) was founded in august 2011 and was set up to support individuals and their families suffering from Pre and Postnatal mental illnesses.

Their primary belief is that no parent should feel alone while suffering- whether its during the antenatal period, or following birth. They empathise with the individual behind the illness, and give them the advice and support they need to aid their recovery.

PANDAS offers a variety of support and we will share the direct link below. They have an updated website, an online community and support groups as well as a PANDAS helpline.


Last year, PANDAS Foundation held the first ever Pre and Postnatal Depression Awareness Week. They wanted to highlight mental illnesses during and after pregnancy – and along with their supporters, volunteers, the media, and other organisations, they did.

This year, they are focused on prenatal mental health. Also known as antenatal depression, anxiety or OCD, mental illnesses during pregnancy are far more common than many people realise. They want to look at how mental well-being during pregnancy can be affected by illnesses such as depression, anxiety and OCD and what can be done to support families through this.

We are no experts in this field, so we highly recommend to get in touch with The PANDAS Helpline which is available from 9am – 8pm every day.  They have a dedicated volunteer team that are on hand to offer support, advice and can help to signpost to other organisations if necessary. Their number is 0843 28 98 401

Do not keep it to yourself, do not hide it as you are not alone in this. Join your local support group, speak to your GP or read about Post Natal information provided by PANDAS. Find our ways you can get involved here.

Kensington Mums’ favourite back to school picks



With back to school just few days away, we wanted to share our favourite picks to help you shop for what is needed and a few fun gadgets for your little ones to enjoy too.

Love to match? Trendy (unisex) matching denim feather print backpack & pencil case.  Denim feather square pencil case £7. Denim feather classic backpack £27.50. Available from Paperchase



Get your back to school essential ready with personalised labels from Stuck On You. Benefit from 10% site wide using code SOYKMUMS.



Add a bit of colour to your day with this vibrant Letts Woodland Floral Diary 2017-2018, available in white and blue from Ryman. Price £9.99


Kit your kids out in durable weather-proof outerwear from www.muddypuddles.com before the back to school rush. Designed in gender neutral colours with technical durability to be passed between brothers and sisters, from season to season.



Learning books from Marks & Spencer’s (Price range from £4 – £10)

Make sure your little ones start pre-school or school prepared but without missing out on the fun. These books are the perfect way to get your children ready to learn their numbers, grammar and school programs stress free.

“It’s never too early to encourage great grammar and good hand-writing with these fun, interactive workbooks”. 


Back to school Shoes from Clarks. You can buy online or book an instore fitting in your nearest Clarks store.

Girls Mariel Wish Junior £42


Boys Maris Fire Junior £44




“Too cool for school” with these cute lunch boxes and stationary from Flying Tiger 

Lunch box, £2


Erasers, £2

Pencil sharpeners, £1


Enjoy 10% Off Maxi Micro deluxe school safety sets from Micro Scooters. They have a wide variety to choose from.

How to Prepare Yourself (and your child) for their New School!

Shiny new shoes.

How to Prepare Yourself (and your child) for their New School by Sue Atkins. Parenting Expert.

From the moment, you play peek-a-boo with your baby, you are preparing them for the process of moving away from you and learning about independence. Separation can be a difficult emotion not only for you as a parent but also for your child. As your child matures and gains in confidence, they grow into independent beings and it is important that you prepare them to fly the nest one day.

Even in ordinary situations, some children experience some form of worry, apprehension, fear, anxiety or distress. Feeling nervous and anxious occasionally is completely natural for a child when they are faced with an unfamiliar or new situation. From toddler to teens, life is full of challenges and sometimes a natural reaction is for your child to retreat from the situation and to look to you for more reassurance.

During infancy, a baby clings to you when a stranger approaches; in early childhood children often fear new and unfamiliar situations; and as children grow and develop they worry about social acceptance, school performance or finding a group that they can fit into.

These are all normal reactions to life, but what if your child suddenly starts to get headaches, tummy aches or has nightmares about going to school?

School is a place away from home where your child will have some of their greatest successes, challenges, failures and embarrassments. It is at school that your child learns about how the world works and meets and interacts with people from outside your family, perhaps for the first time.

School is a place beyond your control so of course it can appear stressful and unfamiliar to your child regardless of their age.

It is also where children learn about themselves: their strengths, weaknesses, interests and how they relate to others socially. Children learn to perform in a way they never have to at home and they learn that they are unique, different and separate from you. So, school can appear fun and exciting but also rather daunting and stressful. There are new expectations placed on them whether it is starting school for the very first time or starting secondary school.

Starting school can be an exciting new adventure or a terrifying nerve-racking, nail-biting experience. This may depend on a number of factors.

A child who has attended a playgroup, or a mother and toddler group may feel more at ease with the new situation as they are used to and more comfortable with, the daily ritual of separation. I remember my son Will walking up the path to his nursery on the first day and striding in confidently to play with the jigsaws. It was me who had to fight back the tears and the strange feeling of rejection, as he didn’t seem that bothered to see me go!!! (But we had been going to the Mother and Toddler afternoons throughout the summer to get him used to the BIG DAY!!)

It can also depend on your child’s character, their ability to handle change or whether their friends are going to be joining them.

I really believe your attitude is of vital importance to this “Big Day” moment. If you appear nervous, anxious, worried, over-protective or guilty your child notices your tension and will react to it with anxiety, reluctance and hesitancy.

So, prepare yourself for the “Big Day” by being interested, supportive, and encouraging

Here are some positive parenting pointers.

Talk to your child about what to expect – the activities (if it is nursery or reception – the snacks, milk-time, story time or quiet time, the routines, the toys and the noise of other children) if it is starting Secondary school, the anxiety of finding their way around the maze of a larger building, the new homework expectations, the new friend issues, the new timetable or the new route home on the bus.

Take your child to the nursery, school, or secondary school to get the feel of the place and to get used to the lay out or the journey. With younger children, the place where they go to the toilet or hang their coat is of great importance to them and can really help them relax during their early days in a new environment.

Let your younger child know that it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous and worried about being away from you for a little while and get them to think of a familiar object or toy they could bring in with them for a short while until they get used to the changes.

I remember when I first taught in Reception a Mum taking her daughter’s hand and kissing the back of it and saying “Now you have my kiss so pop it into your pocket and when you miss me you can take it out again and give yourself a kiss from Mummy all over again” I saw her doing that only twice over by the sandpit during the morning!!

Think of some of your own personal ideas to diminish your child’s anxiety.

Find a “buddy” or special friend who your child could go in with or pal around with during the new experience. I remember the Mums at my children’s school got together in the summer holidays in one their gardens to have a BBQ where the kids chatted, played and got used to being with each other. It was in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere where it was safe and familiar so it was a really positive and fun experience for everyone. It helped the transition into the school environment later that month.

Make the school ritual relaxed by laying out the school clothes or making the sandwiches the night before and getting your child involved in helping with the process. It helps take away some of the anxiety and is an opportunity for listening and chatting through little or big niggles

 What to do if your child has difficulties

Stay for a little while for the first day or two but always talk to your child’s teacher first about this, as some Reception teachers don’t always like this idea. As your child feels more comfortable, make your stay shorter and shorter and then just stay long enough to say goodbye properly.

I found children’s tears dried up within minutes once they got stuck into the Playdoh or toy cars while poor old Mum or Dad went home or to work feeling awful all day when really their child forgot all about feeling blue very quickly.

Be firm about attending school and don’t “give in” to staying at home. That sends the wrong message and really is making a rod for your own back!

Always come back on time so your child can feel secure and safe knowing you are waiting for them with a smile and a lovely greeting. With older children, don’t always bombard them with questions like “Well, how was it?” Let them relax and talk about it in their own time and just greet them with a smile and an “It’s good to see you”.

Always reassure and be accepting of your child’s worries and concerns. Always acknowledge your child’s feelings as it shows respect to their genuine emotions and it gives you an opportunity to help them learn to cope with new experiences positively.

Always stay positive and try to relax even if your child reverts to thumb sucking, clinginess, and bedwetting or having nightmares. These behaviours are usually only temporary setbacks and remember that you are creating a blueprint for how your child handles change throughout their lives.

Encourage your older child to ask for help if they get lost, or don’t understand their homework – encourage them to realise everyone is in the same boat and is only too keen to help.

Encourage your child to see Secondary School as a “Human Zoo” and not necessarily as a “Wild Jungle” – a place with lots of interesting animals and where the zookeepers are there to help them – not just to contain them!!!!

I hope you and your child grow, change and laugh together through the exciting but sometimes scary time of starting school and with your patience, understanding and love you find it a rewarding and positive experience for both of you.

About Sue Atkins 

Sue Atkins is an internationally recognised Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker and Author of the Amazon best-selling books “Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children” & “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” one in the famous black and yellow series as well as author of the highly-acclaimed Parenting Made Easy CDs, Apps and resources. She has just launched her new ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal to give children the gift of self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as ‘The Divorce Journal for Children.’

Sue produces ‘The Sue Atkins Parenting Show’ a weekly podcast which is bursting with Sue’s practical ideas, techniques and down to earth strategies for raising happy, confident, resilient children with strong self esteem.

Sue offers practical guidance for bringing up happy, confident, well behaved children from toddler to teen.

She specialises in supporting families through divorce. Sue has created a series of Divorce Cards to help start the difficult conversations about the changes that families face when they are going through divorce.  These simple cards help children and parents explore, express and prepare for the changes and challenges ahead.

She regularly appears on the award winning flagship ITV show “This Morning” and The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 and is the parenting expert for many BBC Radio Stations around the UK as well as the parenting expert on SKY News. She has a regular monthly parenting phone- in on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester and her parenting articles are published all over the world.

 To receive her free eBooks bursting with practical tips and helpful advice from toddler to teen log on to www.theSueAtkins.com and download them instantly today.







Extended Hours GP Access in Kensington and Chelsea, Queen’s Park and Paddington

People registered with a GP or a resident in Kensington and Chelsea, Queen’s Park and Paddington to benefit from improved extended hours GP services

It is now easier for people registered with a GP or a resident in Kensington and Chelsea, Queen’s Park, and Paddington to make GP and nurse appointments at a time that suits them. This includes evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

West London Clinical Commissioning Group  has worked with practices to support GPs and nurses to offer extra appointments seven days a week. These appointments are in addition to existing GP and nurse services, and are available at the following times:

  •   Monday to Friday: 6.00pm-9.00pm
  •   Saturday and Sunday: 8.00am-8.00pm
  •   Bank holidays: 9.00am-1.00pm.This is a really exciting time for our patients as they can now pre-book GP and nurse appointments seven days a week, at a time and in a place that is convenient for them.This means that anyone registered with a GP or a resident in Kensington and Chelsea, Queen’s Park, and Paddington can access these appointments, which can be booked at your local GP practice, or by calling NHS 111 when your GP practice is closed.

    Dr Fiona Butler, Chair of West London CCG said: “Our aim is to make GP services quicker, safer and accessible to all, especially for parents, carers and people with work commitments. We are really pleased to announce that patients will now benefit from more accessible GP services. Previously, patients told us that they were concerned about the lack of access to GP and nurse appointments. Offering evening and weekend appointments helps to tackle this.”

    For more information or to book an appointment with a GP or nurse please contact your local GP practice or call NHS 111.

Images Source: NHS Stay Well

Back to School Scoop 2017

Hope you all had a wonderful summer holiday, we are so sad to see it end so quickly! We are slowly getting  back into routine for back to School. We have shared our Summer adventure on our social media channels, in case you have not been following us, you can catch us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter .  Needless to say we  are always online sharing the best of our findings and summer family destinations. Winner of our back to school competition with Stuck on You will be announced today so stay tuned!

In our back to school scoop you will find information on kids activities including science workshops, cooking and dance classes to keep your little ones active. Make sure you are subscribed to stay in the loop, as we will be sharing some exciting events coming up including our 6th anniversary on 24th of November, so please save the date!



Join Kids en cuisine’s cooking academy for little chefs from 3 to 13 years old. The sessions take place at your home, once a week, after school, for a group of 4 children minimum. A different menu every week with everything provided by Kids en cuisine and your kitchen left spotless after the sessions. Your little Chefs will learn how to cook healthy dishes focused on seasonal vegetables, fruits, aromatic herbs and spices. It is the perfect activity to learn more about food and how to use save kitchen utensils.

Little House of Science. It is not long to go now. Do get ready and join us for 12 week of exciting Autumn term Science, Little Maths and Little Discovery classes  from 11 Sept – 9 Dec 2017. Book online: or call us on 0800 092 1062



The Kensington Ballet school caters for children aged 15 months to 8 years in a fun but structured environment at venues in Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Fulham, Notting Hill, Holland Park and West Hampstead. Parents are encouraged to participate and join in the toddler groups. There is a strong emphasis on theatrical performance from Karen’s team of classically trained ballerinas who actively perform and demonstrate with the children.  The classes are conducted to a mixture of classical and children’s music to help stimulate imagination, rhythm and musicality. Exercises and storytelling help the pupils to learn the appropriate steps for their ages in an organised, creative atmosphere whilst building self-confidence.



Yellowbird Education is an experienced resource for preparing your child for 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams.  We focus on building skills, confidence, determination and reducing exam-day nerves.  Book our 7+, 8+, 11+ Mock Exams in English & Maths.  Papers are set on the basis of current Independent School trends. They are marked and feedback is provided in areas that may need attention.  Mock exams are held in Fulham & Clapham:  Oct 8, Nov 5, Dec 3, Jan 2.Yellowbird also has several Exam Prep Workshops over the October Half-Term.  The following courses are available: Creative Writing, Comprehension & Composition, 11+ Discursive Writing, 11+ English Booster, Interview Skills and Handwriting.


Mandarin Chinese for 3 to 5 in the heart of Kensington! Ni Hao, lovely mums! Sign up for Little Mandarin Classes for 3 to 5 year-olds in the heart of Kensington. First session is held on the 6th of September 2017 from 3.30-5.00pm and on every Wednesday for the whole term! Join The Kensington Square Nursery and Little Mandarin Classes for your little one’s first Chinese adventure with stories, role-play and sign language!

We’ve launched Mission: Invertebrate to better understand the minibeasts that make their home in the grasslands of London’s Royal Parks. We’re delivering exciting free school sessions mapped to the National Curriculum to enthuse students of all ages about the wonderful world of invertebrates. Our school sessions are led by a team of experienced Environmental Educators and can be delivered whatever the weather, so why not get your school involved today? Thanks to the Players of People’s Postcode Lottery and our learning partners, this year-long programme is taking place across the eight Royal Parks. For more information about available sessions, please click here.

Sparks  are inviting young movie makers to take part in their weekly Saturday Shoots from September. Attending fun classes each week, members develop lots of creative skills for movie making, as well as building confidence and communication skills. There are places available for children aged 7-11, based at St James Junior School. To learn more or to book a trial visit, visit



Join Tip Top Dance School this Summer for our Dance Summer School from 21st – 25th August 9.30 – 15.30 everyday (extended hours available). Students dance with professionals for a week whilst learning routines in different dance styles such as Ballet, Street Dance, Modern Jazz. Students build confidence through performing and making new friends! No previous experience needed just willingness to learn new skills! The summer school is suitable for ages 4 years upwards. Tip Top Dance School also runs weekly classes throughout the year in Ballet, Modern Jazz, Street Dance and Creative Movement. To register your interest please get in touch with Maria at info@tiptopdanceschool.com


Enjoy heading back to school with some awesome fun and games with Sharky and George. From parties to play dates, Sharky & George are your number one entertainers to keep a smile on your little one’s face. Start the school term off with a bang with an explosive science party. An incredible scientist will get the children making putty, film canister rockets and they will be able to make their own bouncy balls and do dry ice bubbling experiments. On top of this, the scientist will perform exciting demonstrations with fire! Sharky & George has a wide range of unique party types to choose from including Survival, Disco, Spy, Cooking, Movie-Making and Nerf Battles! Take a look at the Sharky & George website for further information.

Club Petit Pierrot, London’s Premier French club, has been awarded the CAA GOLD accreditation, who noted their work to be “outstanding”. They have been teaching French to thousands of children in London since 1993, and remain as ever-popular and dedicated today. Instrumental in championing both the immersion method and in developing Parent & toddler programmes for babies as young as 8 months old they offer muti-sensory parent and toddler groups from 8 months old, and for older children up to 8 years old a carefully planned syllabus with fun worksheets, language games & creative activities such as theatre, art & singing. Their lessons are innovative, creative, musical, active, stimulating, authentically French and above all great fun! The classes are led by a fantastic team of native French teachers, across London including two venues in Notting Hill and in Chelsea.

Kiddikicks, more than just football! At Kiddikicks we develop the whole body improving fine motor skills, invaluable for tying laces and handwriting as well as gross motor skills for optimum physical coordination and great sportsmanship. All sessions are football focused and end with goal scoring or match play (depending on age) to allow the children to use the skills they have been practicing throughout the session.  Kiddikicks have sessions in South Kensington / Hyde Park (Saturdays and Tuesdays), Queen’s Park (Fridays), Chiswick (Saturdays), Paddington Recreation Ground (Saturdays) and St John’s Wood (Sundays) from 18 months to 11 years.  Book online at ; info@kiddikicks.co.uk; 020 7937 7965


Visit KidZania London for a fun Back to School activity! This September plan a trip to KidZania London, the indoor city where the kids are in charge and participate in a host of activities. Children can join Capital FM’s team of radio DJs broadcasting news to the city, take on the role of fruitologist at the Innocent smoothie kitchen or even work as a stylist at H&M’s fashion studio; alongside a range of other unique, real-life role play experiences. KidZania London offers 4-14 year olds more than 60 real life activities, spanning across 75,000 square feet. Blending learning with reality and entertainment, each career at KidZania is developed to  teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, teamwork and independence. Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives children the  chance to challenge themselves and explore the world of opportunities.



Keren’s Nursery, Wednesdays open days 10-11am. “A home away from home” Nursery School in Holland Park W11 4RB is part of a group of three nurseries, two of which are rated Ofted Outstanding! Providing care and education for children aged 6 months – 5 years with flexible times and availability of full days (08:00-18:00). Award winning homemade meals cooked on site. Highly experienced staff team who ensure a stimulating, high quality environment and rich curriculum. Children are observed daily by their key teachers who make sure they reach their full potential. Children are prepared for school and for life, gaining important skills to be confident, independent individuals with a passion for learning. Visit online or call, detail in link.


Gymboree Play and Music  Kensington and Chelsea . We are excited to launch our exclusive Summer Membership. A flexible membership to fit in around your summer plans 🙂 6 Classes & Unlimited Open Gym Session’s!  Valid for- 3 months. Price – one off payment of just £120! All Kensington Mums will get a 50% discount off the joining fee! At Gymboree Play & Music, you and your child will build creativity, confidence and lifelong friendships. Gymboree Play & Music classes are designed by experts in early childhood development to help young children learn as they play. Our classes also involve you as parent or carer teaching you fun and interesting ways to engage and excite your young child.


Private guitar tutor with years of primary/secondary teaching experience now taking bookings for the new academic year! A friendly, patient and differentiated service for every individual. Your choice of learning the classical, acoustic, electric or bass guitar. Solo OR group. Your child can access free online resources and lessons can be moved to suit your weekly need. A range of discounts are available for duo/bulk lessons. Learning an instrument is proven to help children excel across all subjects in school and develop key social skills. This service is available for adults too. Curious? Questions? Get in touch! t.king.1992@hotmail.co.uk / 07955 056 484



Taekwondo fitness fun. Bring your kids along to our fun and exciting Taekwondo classes. A specially designed new fitness class for children packed with a punch. Your children will get fit and disciplined for their future. Under the instruction of international 6th dan black belt Master Faryad Goudarzi & a qualified personal trainer, they will learn self defence, built up their confidence, concentration, fitness and learn respect. All the skills they need under one sport. Adults are also welcome. One to one Taekwondo and personal training sessions for both adults and children available on request. Please call or email us to find out more. 07503021919 Faryad1@yahoo.com



Key Lessons provides one-on-one musical tuition in the comfort of your home so lessons are convenient and comfortable for you. We have competitive rates and extraordinary teachers to make your learning fun, flexible and catered to your learning needs. We teach a wide range of musical instruments (including voice) in London and Greater London. All our teachers have DBS(CRB) checks regularly and are all registered with examination boards to enter you into exams.  We currently have  specialised LEARNING AND PHYSICAL DISABILITY tutors available for lessons. Don’t hesitate to ask about the FREE TRIAL- it’s important to us to get you the right teacher, and it won’t cost you a penny to find them!

How to make homemade slime

This Summer, we had lots of fun making homemade slime. We use the recipe from Little Bins for Little Hands which worked well as we found  all the ingredients in Canada, where we were spending most of our Summer holiday.

Sarah from Little Bins for Little Hands has this free printable on her website which we found useful and used the second recipe on there.



Watch our little video to see all the fun, we had. I had four kids to entertain that day and the slime making activity worked a treat!

I hope you are all enjoying the Summer holidays.


Mums & Bumps: Our favourite swimsuits & beach essentials

We love Summer, the feeling of sun kissed skin, salty hair and sand in between your toes, you get the drift. We wanted to share  with you some of our favourite swimsuit that are great for mums and bumps with a mumbathing must haves list. We recently published Honest’s Mums campaign on #proudinmybikni  and as mothers we are all self conscious of our body after baby. We hope you can join us so that all Mothers are proud in their bikini this Summer and always.

Here are are top picks for  Summer 2017


  1. Seaspray Fiji Classic Bandeau. This is one of Dina’s favourite which she recently wore on a family holiday in Corfu. Seaspray’s classic bandeau has a great texture feel with a twist around the stomach. It can be worn strapless and with halter strap and comes with a supportive foam cups to give you an even better support.
  2. Simply Yours High Waisted Brief. These high waisted heroes are helpful to conceal and cover stretch marks and C- sections scars. 
  3. Black is the colour we all feel comfortable wearing. Create some shape with some plunge swimsuit which will that those curves are still in the right places. This one is from Next Online and only £30.
  4. If you are feeling wobbly, go for a bit of tummy control swimsuit with this Floral Rose Print Tummy Control Multiway Swimsuit, only £24 from mandco.com 
  5. For a beach ready look with a bump, Seraphine has the perfect match for you and your bump. We love this coral cutout maternity swimsuit only £39. 
  6. Tankinis are also great for beach bumps, we love this one from Mothercare that can also be worn after baby too! Priced at £25 from their website.
  7. For mum bathing must have, we love this Take me Away French Hat, which is only £12.60 from Debenhams.
  8. Put all your beach essentials in your beach bag. We love these hand made jute bags with “Beach” on them just what we need right now.
  9. This Seychelles Smocked Kaftan from Heidi Klein is the perfect summer must have for Mums. It is time to relax with a drink and enjoy time with the children.


  10. Time to enjoy the sun and work on your tan. We love this Soleil Stardial Round Beach Towel from Asos, so bright and fun for the whole family to enjoy.


Enjoy your Summer holiday, make every moment count and don’t forget to use sun protection whenever in the sun. Happy holidays!

Best dates in London for Mummy and Daddy this Summer

We love London even more in Summer. Check out our date guide for the best dates in London.

  1. Rooftop Film Club at Roof Gardens in Kensington. Enjoy a unique, romantic outdoor cinema experience showing cult, classic and new movies all screened from  their rooftop garden just in time for sun set.


2. Dinner in the Sky? This is a unique event for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary date into a magical moment. For an exclusive period from the 19 – 30 July, Events in the Sky will operate a 12 day pop-up event in London. Open to the public, this event will see some of London’s best restaurants transfer their menus and dining experiences to our unique sky table, suspended 100 feet in the air.


3.  Check Out Local Art Galleries at the Serpentine Gallery. The Serpentine Galleries has a new summer of Park Nights, its annual series of experimental and interdisciplinary encounters, sited in the 2017 Serpentine Pavilion designed by the award-winning architect Francis Kéré.

4. Fruit Picking at Garsons Farm. We always seem to take the kids to fruit picking farms, but why not enjoy a “tete a tete” picking fruits, shopping, eating and enjoying some outdoors time at the farm instead?

5. Make it a double date with another friendly couple or groups of friends too. Head to the Beach in London, check out our favourites here.

6. Dino Snores for grown ups at the Museum. Head to the Natural History Museum this summer where you’ll be among the first to camp under the spectacular blue whale skeleton in the newly redeveloped Hintze Hall.

7. Dates are not just about going out. If fact, sometimes all we really want is a night in with our other half. So, why not a cosy dinner at home? Put the kids to bed, dress up as if you are going out, let one of you be the Chef for the night or cook  together while enjoying a glass of wine or your favourite soft drink. Play some of your favourite tunes in the background and forget about your phones. Chat, dance, giggle and enjoy just make sure you don’t wake the kids up.

We posted this video on our Instagram account that LadBaby posted and went viral, check out what her other half did as a result of not finding a babysitter for a date night. We love it!

8. For a relaxed yet fun bite out, burger date is always a good idea. We really enjoyed Roadster Burger, read our latest review here.

9. We are  lucky to have so many wonderful parks in London so why not start a date with a romantic walk in the park? Read more about our favourite parks  here.

10. Skate, Dine and Bowl at Queens local London bowling. There is also an Ice rinks where you can try out Go karting on ice or dance on ice too.

Just for laughs we wanted to share this video with you, as we find it to be so real.

We hope you found our suggestions useful, please share your experiences with us if you visit any of the places above or if you have any other recommendations for other parents looking for the perfect date night place or ideas in London.


Brook Green Market and Kitchen

We like to keep you in the loop with the local scoop. Brook Green Market and Kitchen will have their summertime Craft Beer Month, starting 29 July until 19 August. The school playground turned market space will play host to four weeks of free weekly guided tastings through a series of Tap Takeovers. 

Enjoy a family day out, spend the day sampling the best of London’s craft beer, street food and organic produce whilst enjoying the bustling vibes of Brook Green Market and Kitchen.

In the past few years, Londoners have (quite rightly) become increasingly interested in all things Craft Beer so we want to fuel this further by offering an educative experience as well as a tasty one. Brook Green Market and Kitchen aims to broaden your drinks knowledge as much as it does your palate. 

The Craft Beer month will be featuring: Portobello Brewing Co (29 July), Signature Brew (5 August), Solvay Society (12 August) Hop Stuff (19 August). 

The tastings are completely free of charge and will be an excellent opportunity to learn all about craft beer from industry specialists through a series of talks about the art of brewing and the opportunity to meet the brewer. The visiting brewers will bring their expertise, their ingredients (malt, yeast, hops et al) for you to touch, taste and smell as well as an insight into their history and – most importantly – their fantastic beers for sampling.

Championing West London’s local food and drinks scene is something that Brook Green Market and Kitchen is known for: being a hub of food and drinks activity as well as a quality weekly food shopping one-stop-shop. These events, talks and tastings are all fun facets of the market which aims to bring excitement and innovation to West London. 

Baby, toddlers to teenagers; Kensington Mums & London Little Thinkers book suggestions for the Summer holidays

With technology advancing every day more, we think it is important for our little ones to be connected with the world and stay up to date with change BUT we cannot stress enough how important it is to encourage your little ones to keep reading books and for parents, to read with them daily  over the holidays. Stimulate your children’s imagination and let their minds wonder with beautifully written books by inspiring authors.

Kensington Mums would like to thank Rebecca Dooley, founder of  London’s Little Thinkers for helping us, help our mums and families choose the best books for your children to take on holiday.


About London Little Thinkers

“LLT is an online resource which promotes an educational and engaging London life for children. Set up by Rebecca Dooley, a primary school teacher working in a leading London day school means that all of the recommendations are well-considered to promote fun learning. LLT offers daily ideas and regular educational events. Sign up to their newsletter, full of what LLT recommends before each holiday!”




Find  our suggestions below:

Age 0-1

That’s not my  –  Osborne Series 

A multi-award winning series of brightly illustrated books with simple, repetitive storyline. That’s not my… books are perfect for little fingers – with touchy-feely textures to explore, or stickers and colouring to practise hand and pen control.


Age 2-3 :


Peck Peck Peck by Lucy Cousins

  A “hole” lot of fun!Today my daddy said to me, “It’s time you learnt to peck a tree.” Little Woodpecker has just learnt how to peck and – ooh! yippee! – what fun it is! Off he goes, on his first big pecking adventure, and he peck, peck, pecks his little heart out. He pecks the hat and then the mat, the tennis racket AND the jacket… just LOOK at all the holes he has made! Comical, contemporary and original! A stunning new picture book title from Lucy Cousins, with colour so exuberant it leaps right off the page.



Age 4-5:


We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen 


“Follow and join in the family’s excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!”





Penguin by Polly Dunbar 

“Ben is given a penguin as a present. Try as he might, however, he cannot get a reaction from his inscrutable companion. He pokes him, sings for him and eventually fires him into outer space but to no avail – Penguin still ignores him. Ben loses his temper with Penguin, so a big blue lion gobbles him up. Ben’s saviour appears in an unlikely form causing him to realise that penguin loves him after all, in his own special way.



Age 6-7

Beegu by Alexis Deacon

“Beegu is from another world and somehow gets lost on Earth. Lonely and confused, she wanders off to a nearby city to find some friends. But the only friendly people she comes across are the children, while the big Earth creatures just don’t seem to understand.

Deacon’s simple text and soft illustrations cleverly convey a child’s feelings of uncertainty and confusion when faced with new surroundings. This is a heart-warming and satisfying tale that is certain to provide comfort to young children”.



 The Owl who was afraid of the dark  

by Jill Tomlinson

Plop, the Baby Barn Owl, is like every Barn Owl there ever was, except for one thing – he is afraid of the dark. “Dark is nasty” he says and so he won’t go hunting with his parents. Mrs Barn Owl sends him down from his nest-hole to ask about the dark and he meets a little boy waiting for the fireworks to begin, an old lady, a scout out camping, a girl who tells him about Father Christmas, a man with a telescope and a black cat who takes him exploring. He realizes that through these encounters that dark is super after all.


Age 7-8

The Sheep Pig
by Dick King-Smith

The Sheep-pig is one of Dick King-Smith’s most famous tales. It shot to further fame when the film adaptation, Babe, was released in 1995.  

‘Why can’t I learn to be a Sheep-Pig?’ When Babe, the little orphaned piglet, is won at a fair by Farmer Hogget, he is adopted by Fly, the kind-hearted sheep-dog. Babe is determined to learn everything he can from Fly. He knows he can’t be a sheep-dog. But maybe, just maybe, he might be a sheep-pig.



The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl


The giraffe, the pelican and the agile monkey set out to prove that they are the best window-cleaning company around.





Age 8-9:

 The Midnight Gang by David Walliams

Welcome to the Midnight Gang! Midnight is the time when all children are fast asleep, except of course for… the Midnight Gang. That is when their adventures are just beginning…

When Tom gets hit on the head by a cricket ball, he finds himself at Lord Funt Hospital, and is greeted by a terrifying-looking porter. Things go from bad to worse when he meets the wicked matron in charge of the children’s ward… But Tom is about to embark on the most thrilling journey of a lifetime


Age 9-10:

Harry Potter

“Discovering the joys of Harry Potter is a rite of passage for kids today. Since J.K. Rowling released the first book more than 15 years ago, kids have been devouring the books, watching the movies, and — at least for super fans — playing games and apps and visiting websites devoted to the young wizard.  One of the delights of discovering Harry Potter is that you see him grow up. But along with that, the subject matter of the books and movies gets scarier, the villains get viler, and beloved characters die.”




Age 10-11:

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

Washed up on an island in the Pacific, Michael struggles to survive on his own. With no food and no water, he curls up to die. When he wakes, there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit, and a bowl of fresh water.  He is not alone…

Michael Morpurgo’s classic children’s book Kensuke’s Kingdom is a thrilling adventure story for ages 9+, and winner of The Children’s Book Award (2000). Now available in hardback and paperback.






Enjoy the holidays & please get in touch if you wish to share your suggestions or give feedback on any of the books above. 


Summer London Beaches

In case you are spending the Summer in London, here is a run down on summer beaches in London. Yes, those do exist and some are also family friendly or make the perfect date night with your other half or a fun girls night out.

Neverland beach in Fulham. This thames-side beach spot has a unique BYOB and feasting concept – come on down and experience street food and alfresco dining like never before. Booking is essential. They also offer outdoor beach yoga classes.


The Beach Bar in Bloomsbury’s The Montague transforms into a seaside getaway for the summer. Complete with real sand, a beach-hut style thatched roof, delicious cocktails, palm trees and more – you’ll feel like you’re basking in the Bahamas rather than in the heart of central London.

The Urban London Beach is a stretch of sandy beach that provides a great day out with family and friends. Enjoy lazing in a deckchair, building a sandcastle,  relaxing with the Sunday papers and eating ice cream on London’s Beach!

Summer’s coming to Hampstead’s urban beach, with golden sand, amazing food and cocktails to set the mood for long evenings of sun, fun and holiday vibes. Hampstead Beach comes back to JW3 for the third time; has free entry and will be open from Sunday to Friday. Special events taking place on the beach throughout the summer will be announced soon.


Brixton Beach will transport you to a lush and colourful paradise, serving up a winning combination of cocktails, street food and entertainment, creating the ultimate festival that lasts all summer long.  The rooftop urban beach will bring you a little Havana life with music nights.

Can’t get to the seaside but want to enjoy the beach? Come to Southbank Centre this summer and they can help you out. Bring your own bucket and spade, and we’ll supply 85 tonnes of golden, play sand for you to enjoy for free – and hopefully some sunshine to go with it.

Honest Mum’s #ProudInMyBikini Campaign & Learning to Love Your Post-Birth Body

Today’s contributing article is by Vicki Psarias from honest.com. As mothers we are all self conscious of our body after baby and love how honest and open Vicki is in her #proudinmybikini campaign and we hope you can join us so that all Mothers are proud in their bikini this Summer and always. I always tell myself that each stretch mark on my body has a story, and it is a beautiful story indeed. Let us all embrace our motherhood journey in all its shapes and forms.

We have interviewed Vicki  part of our online motherhood exhibition, you can read more about it here.

Below is the image of Vicki that went viral 2 years ago.

Words by Vicki, mother of two.

Pregnancy and post-baby pressures on our bodies can feel overwhelming as we battle the pressure to ping back to our pre-pregnancy bodies as the endless celebrities the media show us seem to do with ease. Who knows the reality of that weight-loss though or the circumstances. It’s normal to want to regain normality, particularly at a time nothing feels normal. Sleep-deprivation and a new life with baby can be daunting as it is. That inevitable weight gain can make you feel worse at a time you are already delicate.

Vicki of Honest Mum and son

The truth is that babies can see us in a body and often, a mind we don’t recognise as our own and whilst social media can be a great support it can also exacerbate low feelings.

I want to normalise post-baby bodies, for myself and others. My tummy is forever changed after 2 c-sections and whilst I don’t like it, I accept it. I won’t hide it and refrain from wearing a bikini. Truth be told, day to day I never think of my stretch-marks and I refuse to let it stop me from having fun on holiday or in the garden when the sun comes out and nor should you.

This is the caption that accompanied the photo above:

‘So the tummy has stretch marks and it will be a mumtum forever thanks to my little Spider-Man over here, and his older brother Oliver, but to those little guys, I’m a superwoman and that’s good enough for me⚡️! A picture I shared 2 years ago in my bikini (this exact one in fact) went viral (which was a shock) and I still receive emails to this day from women saying they feel more confident about their shape because of it. That they went swimming with their kids when they wouldn’t before. That they feel proud of their post-baby bodies and less pressured. Yes to that 🙌🏼. I’m working on my own body image every single day, for myself and most importantly for my kids. It’s not always easy, we’re our own worst enemy at times and social media can ramp up the pressure to appear perfect (which doesn’t exist of course) but we owe it ourselves and the future to feel fierce whatever our size and shape. We’ve got this people. Please join me if you fancy it when you share shots of your badass selves in your swimwear with the hashtag #proudinmybikini’

This photo comes 2 years after I shared a picture of me wearing the same bikini, in Jamaica which went viral much to my surprise.

I still get messages from women to this day telling me the positive effect it had on them (a lady even came to a workshop to hear me speak because of that photo). The strength the photo gave others in their own journey to accept their bodies and feel more confident meant the world to me. It made me feel strong in return.

Here’s another one we took the other week, too.

Honest Mum in her bikini

It’s hard but vital we keep the conversation going about our bodies, however difficult that might seem because that honesty will enable us to feel less alone, and more badass about ourselves. All shapes and sizes are beautiful and remember that we did good ladies, we made babies, and are raising children every day.

Let’s be more confident for our kids, ourselves and others watching our images and listening to our words.

Read more at honestmum.com (http://www.honestmum.com)

Kensington Mums tips: How to juggle work & motherhood

We have been asked in numerous interviews how we juggle work life balance and since the recent award nomination for the Best London Mummy Blogger for 2017, we thought it would be good to share our honest ways of juggling work life and motherhood. The juggle in its full meaning, what works and doesn’t work (for us).

It’s fair to say that being a mum is a full-time job in itself so trying to add work, “mummy time” and all that is important in one’s life as well is not an easy task.

To the question, how do you juggle work and life balance? There is no right or wrong, this is what works for us:

  1. Organisational Skills:
  • To do lists are a MUST! And for those, who like us, are stationary addicts its even fun to organize a weekly or monthly planner with different color highlighters & tick with different pens or pencils as you go along.

Dina: My to do list is the way I roll with work, supermarkets, birthday parties, bills, family events you name it. I live by bright Post it notes and the family calendar sitting in our kitchen wall is a good way to get the whole family organized and in the loop. Now my kids drop down their activities and birthday parties/playdates too. It is great to get the whole family involved and helps avoid unpleasant surprises during the week.

2. Time Management:

  • Be online and available to clients and business related thing when kids are not around or are being taken care of.
  • Be strict and draw the line. When you are working, work hard, When you are with kids, it’s their time. Try never to mix the two. We know how hard this can be but it’s important for the children to not resent you or your working life.

Nathalie: This is the toughest part for me. I always try and get all my work done when the children are in nursery and try and forget about my phone when I’m with them but with everyone juggling work and life balance in their own way and time it doesn’t always go according to plan. Also, social media plays a big role in not being able to let go of your phone much. When my 3.5yr old son made comments of me being on the phone instead of playing with him after a full day of us not being together, I felt like a terrible mother but slowly I am improving and either put my phone is a completely different room from where we are when we watch a cartoon together or play or just put it on silent mode for few hours.

Dina: We really work around our kid’s schedule, that’s more like it. As working Mums who work from home, time management is essential. Emails, meetings, phone calls and press events are mostly squeezed during school hours those are our working hours.  We limit distractions and time wasters by allocating specific time slots until the job gets done before moving on to the next task.

3. Prioritize: 

  • We could all do with few more hours in a day to get everything we need to do done but then again, if we had that more time… we would just pile more things on the list. It’s a vicious circle but it’s important to priorities correctly. The power of now is what counts.

 4. Team meetings:

  • We have ours weekly to get updates on work deadlines and projects. We believe that, in any working or personal relationship, communication is key. And especially when everyone follows their own schedule, it’s imperative to know what others are doing to avoid doubling work or “stepping on others work”.

5. Disconnect:

  • Our work is very much online, starting with emails, meetings, editing, writing and then of course, always switched on, on Social media. Its important to take breaks. Have a proper lunch break and don’t just grab something and rush it while trying to make work calls or fit in another email.

Nathalie: I can tell when I need a break from typing or my computer. I often notice the quality of my emails dropping or mistakes about to happen so I shut down and either go for a walk, run errand around the house or just take a moment to breath and look around if I’m in a café. I think a few minutes break every half an hour or hour is needed for productive work.

Dina:   My work never ends, and because I love what I do I find it hard to disconnect. I try to follow Nathalie’s advice but that doesn’t always work for me however much I want to. My dream? a holiday with no Wi-Fi

6. Childcare:

  • Finding good quality childcare is key in order to have your mind at peace and concentrate on your work without having to worry about the children.

Dina: My children are in school now so that gives me time daily to concentrate on work but I also travel a lot for work. I am very close to my family and my mother and sister are a big support system for me as well as my husband. Having someone you trust with your kids is important for me.

Nathalie: I work best when I know my children are in nursery rather than at home with someone. If I need to call a nanny and run to a meeting or attend an event, I like for them to be taken out and be fully entertained so that they don’t see my absence as negative.

7. Let go of the guilt:

  • It’s a common thing, as mothers, to feel guilty. Some mums don’t have a choice and other decide to work. Whether its to pursue a dream, maintain career or just wanting to keep connected with the outside world and mum duties, no one has the right to judge or make you feel guilty about it because you are not harming anyone. If fact, have you ever thought the good example you are giving your kids about working?

Dina: I always felt very guilty when I went back to work, even before Kensington Mums was born. Now, I truly believe that, where one has the passion, and possibility to pursue their dream career they should and that can only be a positive example to ones’ child.

8. Exercise:

  • Both to maintain a healthy lifestyle & maintain sanity, exercise is very important for you to keep fit and release any stress you may be piling up from work or children behavior. Don’t underestimate this, it will make a difference to your everyday approach to things.

Nathalie: I’ve become a runner since having my son almost 4 yrs ago now. It’s my time. I like to start the day with a run and it wakes me up and motivates me for the rest of the day. I like to run outdoors and take it all in.

Dina: My way to set off my steam is by attending a weekly boot camp class. Its intense exercise that really helps me.

If you don’t run, walking works just fine. If you can run errands, pick up and drop off by foot, consider doing so at least a couple of times per week. It’s great for the kids too.

If you are not an outdoor person or don’t have the time to go out or attend classes, there are some amazing work out DVD which you can follow once the kids are napping or asleep or event with the kids around as a family activity.

9. Make mummy time time a priority 

  • We cannot emphasise on this enough; every mum needs some alone time doing whatever is it that makes her happy outside of the family nucleus. Whatever it is that helps you recharge your batteries it is important to keep doing it on a regular basis. Doing so is not selfish it is a necessity and we all know too well that a happy mummy makes a happy family and if mama isn’t on top of things, the rest crumbles pretty quickly.

Dina: I live by my motto “choose happy” and on a daily basis I try and work things around what I love the most in life. This is both for work and family. Go out with your girlfriends if you are up to it or go to bed early with a DVD. Pick up a book or magazine and go read it in the park.  Whatever you do, make the time for you.

Nathalie: You are the most important person in your life so make sure you look after yourself in order to be able to make those around you happy too. Your children do not need a tired, stressed or grumpy mummy – Like in many things, its about the quality not the quantity so if needed, take more time for yourself to make the most of the time with your little ones.

10. Support network:

  • As our previous article “why it’s important to make mummy friends”, Mums are an incredible support. Every mum is different and so are children but mums generally understand what you are going through on a daily basis so open up and build strong relationships with mums around you.

Dina: Don’t fear asking for help & support and make sure you don’t only build the courage to do so when you are at breaking point. No friend out there will understand you more than another mum so don’t be shy.

Nathalie: Since I’ve started making friends with other mums, playdates have become a joy I actually look forward to.


11. Family Time:

  • Just as you make time for work, making time for your family, little ones and partner is crucial. This is important to nurture your family dynamic and it creates a sense of belonging and special family bonding.

Dina: My mum has a basket at the entrance of the door where we all keep our mobile phones when we go and visit her so we can really connect and talk to one another. I have recently applied this in our home. The minute my kids are home, my phone (aka as my mobile office) is tucked away until their bedtime. I do this so I can catch up with them, giving them the full attention they need and deserve. Multitasking: this is what work and motherhood is all about. One of our master essential skills which can be applied one handed sometimes.

Nathalie: We try to have dinner together every evening and bedtime for the kids is a family moment too. It’s the most precious time of day when we all sit together and my 3.5 yr old tells daddy all about his day at nursery & with myself and his little sister. It’s wonderful to see the day from his perspective and eyes… funnily it’s never as stressful and chaotic as I felt it was as we were living in which makes me think a lot.

We hope our tips may have helped or encouraged some of you in taking the time to do what you love best and still believe you are a inspiring role model to your children, amazing wife to your husbands or great partner to your companion.

We are our own person before embracing other roles in life.  As women we have the amazing capacity to multitask, we believe this to be a blessing and also, our super power. Remember that where there is a will there is a way and you can achieve it all.

We would love to hear about yours if you wish to share as many mums have already done in our Motherhood exhibition interviews for the past years. Get in touch

Picture credit by Verusckha Baudo Portrait, as part of our branding photoshoot.  Veruschka is an Italian contemporary portrait photographer and she specialise in photographing women, families and personal branding, drawing inspiration from the fashion world. Make up and hair by Slavomira Make up.

Parents set to pay new ‘nappy tax’ charges

This is something new to us. Parents are being squeezed by councils asking for extra payments to take away nappies as part of their household waste.

Families will be expected to pay an additional charge for “special bins”. The charges – for either larger bins or special plastic sacks – have been condemned as being unfair on families and there are fears that they will encourage fly-tipping.

In Dorset alone, seven councils are demanding the payments, potentially raising up to £100,000 a year in extra income.

The highest fees in Britain are in Northumberland, where families already have to pay £62 for larger bins.

Across the country, at least ten councils are imposing charges.

Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson who has a three-year-old son told Mail Online ‘This ‘nappy tax’ is unfair on new parents. Family finances are often at their most stretched with the arrival of a new baby, due to reduced pay during parental leave and the costs associated with a newborn. The last thing parents need is to be whacked by extra charges from the council. We need to improve recycling and cut down on waste, but that can be done without penalising parents with young children. Ultimately, though, we need to address the funding crisis facing local councils or services like bin collections will continue to be cut.’

The charges were introduced in Dorset last week. Families who tell their council they need a bigger bin for babies’ nappies will have to pay £33. The fee rises to £55 for families who are new to the area.

Special nappy sacks that were previously free will cost £13 for 26.

What are your thoughts about this?


Image credit: www.Mirror.co.uk

Kensington Mums made it as Runner up for Top London Mummy Blogger for 2017

A few weeks ago we received the wonderful news that we had been nominated for Motherhood London’s best mummy blogger for 2017. (read more here.)

The nomination alone, along side some incredible, inspiring women & fellow mums felt like a win already so when we found out we had actually made the top 3 as final result, we couldn’t be any less than overjoyed.


We would like to take a moment to congratulate the winner Lorna Hayward for her incredible work and this wonderful achievement as well as Sunita Harley from Lucky Things on making runner up with us, well done to both!

We would like to thank Motherhood London for the opportunity and all our readers, members followers, friends & family for your support and votes which have made it possible for us to make it in the top three for London’s best mummy blogger 2017.

Thank you!

Below words from Motherhood London Top Mummy Blogger Awards for 2017

“Our fabulous runners-up are Sunita Harley, of Lucky Things, and Dina Maktabi and Nathalie Bernadotte of Kensington Mums. Sunita won your hearts (and votes) with her chats about everything from confidence to IVF, from wellbeing to style. Or perhaps it was her professed love of lounge discos with her daughters… Dina and Nathalie’s website connecting mums and providing vital info for London families made theirs a go-to site for many of you”.


National Picnic Week, top tips for Mums

It is National Picnic Week (16th-25th June 2017) make it an excuse to be out out the parks with the kids. Grab your blankets and fill your baskets with yummies and get out to your local park for a good old fashioned picnic. If you are looking to explore new places for your upcoming picnic this weekend or during the holidays,  check out our favourite London parks here.

Here are some Top Tips for busy Mums when packing up for a picnic

Food to prepare and bring for a perfect picnic

We believe finger food to be the best in order to enjoy lunching or snacking without too much “mess” with little ones.

  • Mini pizza or pizza bites
  • stuffed pitta bread with cheese
  • humous dip with carrots, cucumber & other fresh veggies.
  • Cold pasta; either topped with shredded cheese or pesto (a classic)
  • Rice salad: cook your favourite rice and just add some veg and eggs
  • Fruit salad or watermelon which help keep hydrated
  • Make your own flavoured water ( let the kids help preparing)

What to bring

  • Colourful blanket for the whole family
  • Bring your hats and sunscreen
  • “Keep it cool”. Use cool bags or an icebox. This will keep food at the correct temperature to help avoid any risk of food poisoning when outdoors in the heat.
  • Wet wipes and bin bags are a must with babies and toddlers in tow
  • Bring toys; Balls, frisbee and tennis rackets are always a win when out with large groups of children. For the younger babies, books and stuffed toys. We also like to bring UNO card games, its one of our family favourites.
  • Disposable plates, cutlery & cups
  • Speakers for music can turn a simple picnic into a summer party so why not, make a playlist of favourite tunes and get dancing in the park with your friends & little ones.

Leave behind

  • Avoid ice cream, you can buy them from the park or local shop and make this a treat for your little ones.


Tag us with your pictures via our social media platforms @kensingtonmums  on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #kensingtonmums for a chance to get featured.

North Kensington tower block fire declared major incident

Just as we finished posting the article on Borough Market, we wake up to horrible news, this time in Kensington.

Major incident declared at Grenfell Tower in Kensington. 40 fire engines & 200 firefighters at the scene.

We are praying for everyone living in Greenfell Towers to come out safe. We are praying for children, babies, kids families, adults and elderly to be healthy. We thank the London fire for all their hard work.

Make sure you follow @londonfire on Twitter and for updates.

Pictures and Message from Magali a Kensington Mums of two:

4hrs on and giving out water, looking for family and friends near by, seeing people sobbing, children wrapped in blankets, elderly people… loosing everything… so painfully surreal and horrific. Praying those who were separated find their loved ones.
Funny how everyone seems to look alike when you’re searching for faces in the crowd… 😔

The police came from all over the place, fire crew, ambulances, police…

Names are the last thing on their minds they said.

Portobello Rugby Club and two churches near by is where people were evacuated but we couldn’t find many people there.

Coaches had taken some people away, ambulances others.

Seeing the dark grey black smoke now I pray it’s getting under some control.

Can’t sleep. Won’t sleep now. 🙏🏽 Just praying…

Several people and organisations are helping people affected by this horrible fire at Grenfell Tower, West London. We gathered some information available online and here is how you can help:

If you have spare clothes, toiletries, toys, nappies, food, bedding or anything you can think of that might be useful you can drop them to:

– St. Clements Church, 95 Sirdar Road, W11 4EQ

– Community Center, Clem Attlee Court, SW6 7PU (they will then take it to the evacuation centres in Ladbroke Grove)

– Rugby Portobello Trust, 221 Walmer Road, W11 4EY

– Tabernacle Christian Centre, Jubilee House, 210 Latimer Road, W10 6QY

If you are concerned about someone please call the Casualty Bureau on 0800 096 1233 or 0207 158 0197

You can join the Group on Facebook, Solidarity with residents of Grenfell tower here.  The group is open for all to join, if you can help with food, clothes or shelter for those near, or far. They are even asking local stores such as Tesco, Poundland and for any help or donations…

Members of the community have set up a Just Giving Page to help the victims of the Grenfell fire #grenfellfirefund

Love our community, Love London, Love Kensington.

Borough Market establishes trader support fund

Borough Market has established a trader support fund to help those individuals and businesses who have suffered losses as a result of its temporary closure. The fund will be set up in partnership with United St. Saviours and Better Bankside, and will provide financial assistance to members of the community who are dependent on the market.

The market has remained closed since the attacks of 3rd June, while the police investigation takes place. This has taken its toll on individuals and businesses with no other means of income.

The Chair of the Borough Market Trust, Donald Hyslop, commented, “An atrocity of this magnitude has many hidden victims. Among these are the independent traders and producers who rely upon Borough Market for their livelihood. With the market still closed and with valuable stock lost, some of these traders—although none would be quick to admit it—are struggling.”

He continued: “If any of these traders, whose skill and dedication make the market such a wonderful asset, were to find the viability of their work threatened by this act of violence, the result would be to add a sad injustice to a terrible tragedy. The Borough Market Trust and some of the wider Bankside community, the market’s larger businesses have joined together to establish a hardship fund for those traders who are suffering most in these uncertain times. Anyone who wishes to support this fund will find their generosity gratefully received. There was never any doubt in my mind that the market’s community would pull together in a crisis, but it is nonetheless humbling to see that solidarity in action.”


To donate to the fund, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/bmrelieffund



Father’s Day top 10 gift guide

Kensington Mums is dedicating June to Fatherhood to show dads our appreciation in all that they do as daddies to our little ones. Make sure you read our latest Inspiring Dads interviews.

Today we share with you our  top picks for Father’s day gifts ideas to help you in your decisions and make the shopping experience a bit easier for you.

  1. Surprise Daddy with a cute personalised key ring from Merci Maman.

2. Cute slogan tee for Father and Son from My 1st Years.


3. Dad Life Mug, buy it here.

4. Personalised Daddy and Me book from Not on the High Street.

5. Dadass T-shirt by Parent Apparel.


6. What I love about Dad novelty book from PaperChase.


7. Daddy and Me swimsuits available from Trotters.  They are now stocking adult-sized swimming trunks to match your little boys’ ones. So adorable and available in a few designs. Shop Daddy & Me!



8. Get your funniest Father’s day gift cards from Scribbler. Lots to choose from, so make a good pick!

9. Cute Father’s Day Keepsake from Poundland. 



10. Father’s day photo book. Capture those special moments in a photo book. Create one today with a 30% discount until 15th of June 2017 with code DAD30.

Celebrity Mums get dressed by the kids for Oxfam

Celebrity mums have kicked off Oxfam’s family-oriented fundraiser Dressed By The Kids, taking place on 16 June, to support the charity’s lifesaving work around the world.

TV personalities Kate Thornton, Gaby Roslin, Katie Piper, Suzanne Shaw and Ashley James, traded in their stylists to let their little ones loose on their wardrobes, wearing whatever jumbled concoctions they chose.

Oxfam is urging grown-ups across the nation – mums, dads, grandparents, siblings and family friends – to get seriously silly and get Dressed By The Kids on Friday 16 June. All money raised will support Oxfam’s work helping people escape poverty and survive humanitarian crises.

Presenter Kate Thornton (44), who enlisted the help of her son Ben (9) to launch the fun campaign, said: “Ben was in charge and we giggled all day. As a parent I want to teach him that we can help those who need it most, and Dressed By The Kids is a great way to do just that whilst having a whole tonne of fun.”

Presenter Gaby Roslin (52), who handed control of her outfit to children Libbi (15) and Amelie (10), said: “This is not the combination of clothes I would ever choose – a sequin shirt, satin skirt and a leopard print hat! I promised Amelie I would wear her outfit in its entirety today, and she had such fun choosing it, how could I refuse? As a family, we wanted to support Oxfam’s important work around the world, and you can too. Sign up to Dressed By The Kids Day, do it quick!”

Perhaps the wildest outfit of the day was sported by actress and singer Suzanne Shaw (34) who wore an eclectic mix of her husband’s and children’s clothes, picked by her sons Raffi (18 months) and Corey (12).

Shaw said: “I can’t quite believe the outfit the kids have chosen for me. Needless to say I wouldn’t wear my husband’s underpants over a onesie on any old Friday. But for Oxfam, it’s totally worth it. Oxfam helps mums and dads earn a wage so they can feed their families, and they help children the same age as mine in extreme poverty access education. If you sign up to get dressed up, your fundraised money will go to those who need it most. Go to oxfam.org.uk/silly to find out how you can join me in giving poverty a dressing down on 16 June.”

Oxfam works for the 1 billion people living in extreme poverty, and the millions of families that don’t have the things they need to live safely and in good health.

As one of Britain’s most longstanding charities, Oxfam has been working with the world’s poorest people for more than 70 years. Operating across 90 countries, Oxfam is currently supporting millions of families facing starvation and other extreme hardship – including hunger crises in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan.

Philanthropist Katie Piper (33), dressed in unicorn horns and odd shoes by her daughter Belle (3) said: “I would never wear this! But as Belle has chosen it to help kids her age in the world’s poorest countries, how could I refuse? I can’t wait to see what the nation is dressed up like on 16 June, kids really do have the wildest imaginations.”

DJ and model Ashley James (30) said: “Come on Britain, sign up and get fundraising for Oxfam!”

To sign up to take part in Dressed By The Kids Day, go to www.oxfam.org.uk/silly. Follow the event on social media using #DressedByTheKids.

Top Tips to Keep your Relationship Alive

We are so happy to have Arnie Rozah Krogh   share her top tips on how to keep your relationship alive. This is very important in the life of a mother as we mostly get to put our kids priority before our man. She is a Mum of four children, you can read about her motherhood journey here.

It’s so heady when we fall in love with someone new and everything we/he/she does is so exciting and intriguing. It feels like nothing can go wrong. Experts say and many will agree, the early days of a relationship is called the ‘honeymoon period’ whether we make a commitment of marriage or not. Generally, this period will last between 12-18 months before the ‘mundane’ takes over.

Most relationships can survive being mundane though what happens when mundane sets in when you start having kids? The stress of earning an income coupled with the daily chores of school runs, laundry, cooking dinner and catching up on the latest news on our hand held devices can put a toll on our love lives. So what do we do to counter act all these? More importantly, why should we bother?

It’s a sad fact that today, silver divorces are on the rise. These are couples who are divorcing in their 50’s and above. These are the same people who are the pioneers of 2 working parents’ household. They were the first generation that worked hard outside, earning an income while juggling kids and housework. A lot of them cited growing apart while growing older as a big reason for it.

Growing apart in a relationship can be down to a lack of communication on many levels. So let me share with you some tips to counter this trend.

  • Stop treating each other like mum and dad or house mates but back to being lovers again

So many couples make this mistake and no, it’s not a terrible mistake to make. Our kids become the centre of our family life and in many ways, that is fine. It becomes unfortunate when they are the sole focus of our time together as a family. We need to remind ourselves that before we became parents, we were first lovers. Talk like lovers again and with the same gentleness we afford our young toddlers. You’ll be surprised how passionate evenings can become again even before the lights are off.

  • Go on regular date nights

Referring back to the point above, a date night is a good reminder to ourselves that we are also lovers away from the madness of our household. It doesn’t have to be weekly but do do it regularly (at least once a month). During this date night, ban any talks of school work, PTA meetings, household chores that need dividing but instead, talk about the kind of topics you used to bring up when you were dating. Discuss the latest movies and the reviews, check out the latest must-try restaurants/café and review the menu as a couple with differing/similar taste, watch a late night funny movie with a giant tub of popcorn and giggle away like kids, take a stroll hand in hand along the river and discuss positive news you’ve heard and experienced recently.

  • Find a new hobby/activity to do together regularly

Find a new activity as a couple even if you have enjoyed something together in the past. Been thinking of trying out that new hot yoga class around the corner? Go on and cheer each other on! How about becoming volunteers at a soup kitchen? This is the more spiritual version of the ‘family prays together’ bit. You can appreciate again how compassionate and kind your partner is and helps you both appreciate how blessed your lives are. Start discussing what kind of mutual sports or activities that has piqued your interest recently and start exploring

  • Go someplace new once a year just the 2 of you

The location doesn’t even have to be ‘exotic’ meaning fancy. It could be a local city nearby! All that needs to matter is that you have both decided on this new place together and actively planned activities together. As in the rules above, this (possibly) short getaway must have no talk of kids, housework or other mundane stuff that will possibly bring the mood down.

  • Grab Sports Tickets

Why not catch a local football/hockey/basketball match together and get your adrenaline pumping cheering on your preferred team? Pumping your blood with adrenaline is great for the relationship: it heightens your positive attitude towards your partner.

  • Have a photography session

Instead of hiring a photographer, grab your own impressive digital camera and start snapping away shots of each other. Most women generally are the family photographers so besides her own selfie, she might not have candid portraits of herself. This is a good opportunity to see how our partners look at us through the lenses.

  • Watch a Comedy Show

Science has proven that laughter is indeed one of life’s best medicine. Laughing can lower our blood pressure yet put colours to our cheeks. Laughing together with a partner can heighten sexual tension as endorphins are released.

And last but not least,

  • Silent Communication

With all said and done, today a lot of people are missing deep emotional connection despite our attachment to digital connection. Spend some time before bed just looking at each other. Dim the lights, put on some soft classical music in the background and perhaps unwrap that lovely candle you got as a Xmas gift. Don’t feel the need to say anything. Just take a deep breath, let all your muscles relax and just hold hands. Look gently into each other’s eyes and let your soul speak to each other. Stroke his/her cheeks to show your passion. Let that gentle kiss come across without any urgency to do more. This should not be the pre-cursor to sex. This is just you 2 ‘talking’ with your chemistry and your soul. Cuddle tight and just listen to each other’s breath for as long as possible. Feel each other’s stress melt away. Silently send loving thoughts to our partner and let them know how much they mean to us.





Facebook Live with Dr Shazia Malik

We are proud to have join us for a Facebook Live, Dr Shazia Malik MBChB (Honours), MRCOG*
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Subspecialist Reproductive Medicine. She works both in a busy high risk NHS maternity unit as well as her private Obstetrics and Gynaecology practice at the renowned Portland Hospital in London.

Dr Shazia has been a contributor to Kensington Mums and will also be part of the panel of speakers at our event on 6th of June at the Chelsea Harbour Club.

We have key influencers, health experts, leaders within feminism and influential mums attending, so that we can really break boundaries and open up conversations that surely will go on and on! Lets Talk About Vagina’s!

The topic she will cover on our Facebook Live will be focusing on What does your vagina have to do with anything?  

This will be taking place on Tuesday 30th May at 8pm. Tune in on our Facebook Page.


Our speakers for the Lets talk about Vaginas event on 6th June 2017 includes:

Dr Lana Tattum- Co Founder of Ideal U London & Expert in Vaginal Rejuvination
A qualified doctor and expert in Vaginal rejuvenation, Lana is a medical professional with years of experience in the field. She knows that many women experience sexual problems post baby, and often assume this is normal post-pregnancy and they should put up with painful sex, incontinence and decreased sexual sensation or they should rely fully on Kegel exercises. They couldn’t be more wrong – and Dr Lana will be on hand to answer questions, dispel the myths and give you a direct solution to addressing your problems. 
Harriet Waley Cohen – Body Love Coach & Body Confidence
To learn about your vagina, you need to get out of your head. As a Body Love & Body Confidence expert and mother of 3, Harriet gets the emotional connection between us and our bodies/vagina’s, and will be taking us on a journey of enlightenment. Being the Founder of Fantasies & Realities, and having led workshops with The Killing Kittens, Harriet is the go-to for helping women get out of their head and strengthen their connections with themselves…and their vagina’s.
Samantha Evans – Co-Founder of Online Sex Toy Company, Jo Divine
Samantha is a mother of three and a true change-maker when it comes to nursing, and her work at Jo Divine in the sexual pleasure and intimacy industry. She is a hub of knowledge and information – you will be so glad you met her! Think Sex 101 for motherhood! Be prepared to learn the things you never knew you didn’t know. Passionate about the transformative effects of understanding your body and the sexual products that we use, she will share with you the simple steps to enjoying a sex life that is as good – or better – than the one you had before children.
Dr Shazia Malik – Subspecialist Reproductive Medicine

A Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at the Portland Hospital, Shazia’s practice spans both Obstetrics as well as general fertility which means she generally has all of the answers! A bit of a media guru, she is regularly asked to contribute as an expert in the national media, is a Huffington Post blogger and has featured in a BBC documentary on the Portland as well as Woman’ Hour on Radio 4.
Mindy Gill – Celebrity Hypnotherapist 
Mindy is a leading celebrity hypnotherapist; a reflection of two opposites: being the first female hypnotherapist to really break new ground in the industry as well as the new contemporary face of Hypnotherapy – immersed in popular culture, lifestyle and feminism. She works very closely with mums in the relationships, sex and postpartum depression area and will be on hand to share the secrets of hypnosis and hypnotising yourself to a better sex life and mum-hood!

Book your ticket now to secure your place.

Are you ready to know what you don’t know?

Join the conversation on 6th of June 2017. Click here for more information.

May Half Term Scoop 2017

Chelsea Swim Spa offers parent and baby swimming lessons in a private pool in the heart of Chelsea. Boasting the warmest pool in town, the pool is kept at a constant temperature of 34C or above. Swimming lessons are available for babies, children and adults. Private hire for the pool is also available. Chelsea Swim Spa is offering Kensington Mum readers a 40% discount on private hire £30 instead of £50 for 90 minutes and 50% discount for a taster lessons for new customers £11 instead of £22. Please contact Darya for bookings  on hello@chelseaswimspa.co.uk Quote: KMuMs


Whether your child’s keen to start a Saturday or after-school music club for the first time, or ready to join a band, orchestra or choir, your local music service is a great source of information for all things musical where you live. Please log-on to www.learnmusic.london, click on the borough where you live and start the conversation!



Telling Tales – free family workshops at the British Library on Saturday 21 May, 11.00 and 14.00. Listen to traditional Norwegian folktales at the British Library’s next free family friendly workshop. Storyteller Olivia Armstrong tells tales of fantastic foxes, greedy giants, wonderful witches and terrible trolls, to help inspire your magical stories. Why not make a salad with words, write a giant-sized story and perform it with your family? Be a word wizard and join in the fun.


Matilda & Revolting Rhymes’ Performing Arts Week!  This May half term, Little Voices Fulham will be running a ‘Matilda & Revolting Rhymes’ inspired performing arts week for boys and girls aged 4 – 13 Years. Children will be transported through a wondrous four-day week of singing, dancing & acting. Whether they imagine themselves to be Matilda, Miss Trunchball, Miss Honey or even one of the naughty children. Little Voices will ensure that they will have a week to remember.  Learn an entire script in 4 days – Be part of a big show!  Tuesday 30th May, Wednesday 31st May, Thursday 1st June and Friday 2nd June – St. Etheldreda Church, 528 Fulham Palace Road, SW6 6JF –  9.30am – 3.30pm each day Price: £170 Four Days! BOOK BEFORE 19th May and receive £10 OFF!

After a sell-out Easter programme Miss Sophie’sa new London based holiday club for children, has announced May half term dates and now with a new website offering an easy booking system for busy parents. The following activities are open to young and curious minds: 
Tuesday 30th May – Horrible Histories at Hampton Court Palace.
Wednesday 31st May – Comedy, Arts and History with a Trip to the Unicorn Theatre and an afternoon aboard HMS Belfast.
Thursday 1st June – Explore what life is like in a Metropolis at The Institute of Imagination using mechanics, science and technology.

This May half term, drop your 8-11 year-old off at Nature Explorers for a day of exciting exploration! They’ll get to have a wild walk to Kensington Gardens’ allotment for some digging, planting and to feed our chickens. Or, take your family to one of our FREE Discovery Days at our Education Centre in the heart of Hyde Park! Your family will be treated to amazing nature-inspired activities, including visiting our minibeast hotel; a spring nature trail; arts; crafts and more. You’re sure to find something for the whole family. Nature Explorers – 30th May Discovery Day – 31st May – 1st June.


Get 15% OFF your first lesson at your own pool and be sure your child is water confident and ready for their summer holiday. Book a time and date that is most convenient for you, avoid the stress of traveling and have the added benefit of being in your own home. We are a dedicated, friendly team determined to include all children irrespective of ability. At Making Waves Swim School we focus on the individual needs of each child. Our lessons are structured, stimulating, engaging but most of all fun, whilst teaching the all important life skill of swimming. Call 01829 782 494

Every day thousands of parents & carers choose Gymboree Play & Music because they want the best for themselves & their children. Our classes utilise a unique combination of music, movement, props, imaginary play & custom-designed & patented apparatus, all to create a magical world where children learn, thrive & most importantly have fun. We are often told by parents, “You are the only class that manages to engage my child.” This is not a coincidence! It is a reflection of the fact that we are the experts in early childhood development; book in for your free trial today!


Albert and Friends Instant Circus. The last thing you want your child to do is run away with the circus right? Well think again! Our holiday courses bring the best of our practitioners together to offer a unique and creative environment where children can learn a whole host of circus skills. Combining just the right amount of teaching with a whole lot of fun and friendship- making, children have the chance to have a go at stilt walking, ball walking, juggling, tightrope and unicycle, ending the week with a presentation of their newly acquired skills for parents and friends. “Fantastic, challenging, great fun and brilliantly led”.


Visit KidZania London this May Half term! Plan a trip to KidZania London, the indoor city where the kids are in charge and participate in a host of activities. Children can join Capital FM’s team of radio DJs broadcasting news to the City, take on the role of fruitologist at the Innocent smoothie kitchen or even work as a stylist at H&M’s fashion studio; alongside a range of other unique, real-life role play experiences. KidZania London offers 4-14 year olds more than 60 real life activities. Blending learning with reality and entertainment, each career at KidZania is developed to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, teamwork and independence. Designed to empower and entertain kids, KidZania gives children the chance to challenge themselves and explore the world of opportunities. Book your tickets at www.kidZania.co.uk

Looking for some summertime fun for your little ones? Join the Sharky & George Adventure Club in Hyde Park from 10th-28th July! Each day will be jam-packed with fun and games and endless activities, including tug of war, mini olympics, rocket launching, science madness and of course, A LOT of water bombs! Prices: £377 per child for one week (Mon-Fri) OR £83 per child per day.  Ages: 5-10 year olds. Sign up now for an early bird special – 10% off your booking until 4 June 2017!


Grass Animal Zoo at WWT London Wetland Centre Visit our Grass Animal Zoo this May half term, from Saturday 27 May until Sunday 4 June. The display includes a bear and giraffe, a hippo and a camel.  Discover which of the eight animals live in wetlands and which of them can go for days without water. Some of the animals are life size – and some of them dwarf their real life cousins!  The animals are all located in the grounds of our beautiful nature reserve where you can also see real wetland creatures such as ducks, otters, water voles and dragonflies. WWT London Wetland Centre, Queen Elizabeth’s Walk, Barnes SW13 9WT


Join Keren and her team at Keren’s nursery, Holland Park every Friday morning for a magical hour of Family Kabalat Shabbat with your little ones. During this hour Challah bread will be prepared and candles will be lit to teach our little ones the meaning of Shabbat . Between 9:45 – 10:45 also during half term. Don’t miss out! Please call on 02074313823 or email the nursery  hollandpark@kerensnursery.com to book for your little ones & secure their place.



 Teddy Tennis. Sport Music and Fun! Let your child join the fun and get the amazing benefits of doing
teddy tennis. The 5 C’s Improved ; Co-ordination, Confidence, Co-operation, Creativity, Communication They learn to play by seeing the picture, hearing the song and then by doing the activity. It works and the children learn and enjoy. We have Classes in Holland Park off Kensington high street and the new indoor Kensington Leisure Centre, near Ladbroke grove 6 days a week. We have separate classes for children from 2.5 year all the way up to 6 years of age.




Design Museum. Designed in California’ is the new ‘Made in Italy’.  The exhibition opens on 24 May 2017 and runs until 15 October 2017. While California’s mid-century modernism is well documented, this is the first exhibition to examine its current global reach. Picking up the story in the 1960s, the exhibition charts the journey from the counterculture to Silicon Valley’s tech culture.​




Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum. Enjoy a fun family day out among hundreds of live butterflies and moths in our tropical butterfly.




The National Army Museum’s new Play Base has re-opened and is welcoming 0-8 year old visitors for Soft Play fun and a variety of engaging activities in an immersive base camp. It will support the youngest visitors in achieving an initial understanding of the army as an organisation.  Each session lasts an hour and costs £4.50 per child.




Exhibition Road’s Victoria and Albert Museum opens the first international retrospective of one of the most iconic and influential bands in the world – Pink Floyd.





Free Workshop for Kids aged 5-12 at National Gallery every Sunday at 11am and 2pm. Also don’t miss out on their magic carpet Sunday as well as Messy Mondays during holidays. Click here for more information.






Pick-up activities at Tate Britain. Experience Tate Britain in a new way with exciting ideas to get you talking and creating in the galleries together as a family. Click here for more information.






Lots of fun at the Museum of Docklands this May half term. From Little mudlarks to underwater inventions. Check their website for more information.